On Web sites, commercial companies, this requirement has become the norm. It is also gratifying when the creators of the site will have different options for travel by car subway or bus. Read more from Gavin Baker to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Well, like this: Directions: Bus – routes 5, 12 from the bus stop "bus station" to stop "the seventh mile, then walking toward the nearest forest to stop the" ten kilometers " 9) show that you are Expert in your field. Imagine that a visitor to compare offers the same product from several companies. With other similar circumstances who will he choose? – Surely someone who is an authority, an expert in this area. How to show yourself an expert (in the West say – "guru") is devoted to the good book "How to become a guru for 60 days, which was written by Robert Bly (Moscow, eksmo Publishing, 2005).

In our case we can propose : – The article published on the website for those types of goods or services offered by your company. You can provide the relevant section "Articles," "On our goods," etc. Would be nice if at least some of These articles will be written by employees. Just remember that publishing an article from another site, you need to specify the author and the active link to the site – the source – to prepare and place on the site tips Use your products and services. It is desirable that these tips were also written specifically your staff. You can offer to have a special section of the site "Expert Advice".