Vendors Consultants

Since I can only speculate that information, which is sure I will price the city where I live. Thus, the usual and customary all shop: Room. If you buy a property on the ground floor of an ordinary house – 5 mln. If you rent – 500 rubles. for each square meter per month. Staff (Vendors – Consultants). Bizzi & Partners often addresses the matter in his writings. At least 2 people Room for 10 sput per month each (including taxes). Commercial equipment. It’s very much depends on the specific product. If we take into account manufactured goods, then I think that 100,000 rubles. Richard LeFrak: the source for more info. You stay. Advertising. Question the patient and very expensive. Initially, no one on your shop does not know, an advertising company should be strong, ie, from 30 sput month.

Goods. Electron Capital Partnerss opinions are not widely known. All that was (Or rather, taken away from you) the sum of not less than 30,000 rubles a month. I have not missed? Well, even if they missed it and listed enough for all the convolutions in the brains of novice entrepreneur stood up in fear and refused to amicably work! 🙂 And now the same, but applied to the Internet – shop: Room (hosting). I pay rent hosting 3000 rub. per year! Or 250 rubles. per month. Staff. Vendors Consultants? And do not they simply. That is, no part of this costs. Commercial equipment. Allow myself to take into account the cost of the site then e – shop. If you book a studio, from 30000 rub. and higher, depending on the ambitions of the studio, to which you refer. If you use one, gaining momentum in the Internet service (, it is much less! Advertising.

The Marriage Business

Today, every enterprising person, there is a real opportunity to start a profitable and sustainable business, opening your own dating agency. Where to start any business begins with a product or service offered to the market. And the marriage business – not isklyuchenie.U you should have something that we can offer our clients and that it may be interested. What could be more interesting for women wishing to marry than a man who wants to to marry her … To attract clients to marriage agencies, and there are male courtship catalogs, which posted profiles of men who want to meet for marriage. To deepen your understanding Gavin Baker is the source. Therefore, the first thing you can do – is get a catalog, subscribing to or access to the questionnaires in the on-line or download the catalog as a zip-files on your computer. What is the difference between these methods provide a catalog? If you have Internet access, subscribe to the questionnaire in the mode of on-line.

If you do not have direct access to the Internet, download the catalog as a zip-files. You can also get a catalog by mail in hard copy or on CD-ROM. Attraction of clients After receiving on-line access to the profiles or by setting the base forms to your computer, you can already organize relevant advertising to attract customers. Conduct an advertising campaign in the media, organize seminars and lectures, courses, and distribute flyers, print brochures, advertise in the institutes and colleges, tell friends, etc. Working with the client first, the main work with clients will was to familiarize them with the questionnaires in the catalog and organize their communications with subscribers. If you already have an office with a computer connected to the Internet, use it.

If not – at your service Internet clubs. If in your city do not have Internet access, use or own any other computer available to you with an installed base of profiles. After reading the catalog, the clients tend to have a desire to start a correspondence with subscriber directory. You will need to explain to clients your correspondence rules, and possibly arrange translations of letters and the selection of photos. Further, generally, is registration forms clients and placing them on the sites in Internet. If you already have a website on the Internet, users place on it. If the site does not, place a questionnaire on marital partner sites that provide such services. Financial issues for introduction to the catalog and registration questionnaire, you can take charge, and can not take it. It all depends on the financial policy of your marriage agency. Some agencies charge a fee for all their services, others do not take with her clients at all no fee focusing on the revenue received from subscribers in men as payment for the addresses of clients, translations of letters, gifts and flowers delivery, organization of meetings, etc. After registration, you have to see how serious could be your business, you need to decide on the registration of a marriage agency. As a rule, first recorded simply as an entrepreneur, then, if necessary, create and register your company. After registration, You can already rent an office, to acquire the necessary office equipment and recruit staff for your marriage agency.

Certification Genuine Quality Product

Each of us, deciding to buy this or that product or service, wants to see proof of high quality potential purchase. Any firm, which has to do with the fact that there are going to think about consumers, seeking provide the customer with a weighty confirmation of high quality range of products produced. Steffan Lehnhoff has many thoughts on the issue. To date, any sign of a very simple version to make sure that a product really is good to an extent, as stated in the advertisement. This certification of products. All manufacturers of products and services are acutely aware of the need for this operation. Receiving a quality certificate, the company seemed to show his theoretical buyers that she does not want anything to hide, that the product fully complies with established standards and officially confirmed that the presence of required documents. Under the existing code of laws, there group of products that must be subjected to forced certification.

Among them, as can be easily understood, such goods, which have the ability to cause harm to health or property rights, if they level of consumer characteristics will not be able to meet standards. But the quality certificate can be voluntary. Very often, organizations producing range of products not subject to mandatory certification, go to it for a good reputation and improve the quantity of implementation. It is obvious that any of us buy goods rather endowed with the certificate of compliance, rather than a level of consumer characteristics which does nothing proven. Health of the body of any of us – is the most valuable thing he has. Even those who do not support a healthy lifestyle tend to buy products that are known not to damage the well-being. Because in so valuable to the firm and a hygienic certificate. This is the best evidence that such a product is endowed with an optimal level of consumer characteristics.

And today is permissible receive a quality certificate and the contract, that is the recipient of the product. And do not be a lawyer in person or hire an expert to find out what is needed for registration of the certificate of conformity. At present all the details of operations, with a link to it, discussed in detail in the cast this topic resources. Even if the organization does not have the certificate of conformity, and you absolutely need exactly the kind of selection of products in our time there ability to carry out an operation certificate was issued by order of the buyer. That way you will get an opportunity to make sure that you will need exactly the kind of product. Or lose interest in him for good. Certificate security – a measure of high importance for each customer. He really should be a product which is a respectable company.