Comprehensive Revision

vaz 2107 – that car that is destined to go regularly for revisions. If among the cars awarded Prize "Tuning in 2009, arguing – that Lada would have won this title? And not because without the proper tuning not the fate of the car had a good ride on the Russian potholes. And because we like our domestic motorists to modify the wha again and again. Do you think that tuning the wha is limited to light external design elements? Not at all! All minor flaws motorists manage to eliminate themselves, whether it is regulation of the wiper and the magnetic locking glove compartment, reinforced suspension, installation of electric drive for boot or "oh, a" carburetor for the wha 2107. Put to the finalization of the wha classic soul and a bit of personal pride, and get a nice styling of individual items to your favorite foreign car. Take, for example, the optics. Color purple – trend in 2009, and that's headlights can tune up your fashionable shades today thanks to ubiquitous xenon.

Another interesting variant of vaz Tuning – Set-quality (stress the word!) Fog lamps. General vaz 2107 owners have a lot of bad words to say about buying Chinese protivotumanok who do not pass the test of time: the glass burst from the heat or light pressure, reflectors transiently dark, etc. But one of the most resourceful motorists found the quality polish lights wesem, whose price was more than affordable. Want to know where and how? Welcome to the website vaz 2107. An important aspect of tuning vaz – Finalization of the driver's seat. How many minutes is the most unpleasant chair is able to deliver to his master, the pedestrians themselves do not even represent. Especially if the machine is inherited from the previous owner.

So, the "guru" of tuning the wha with foam, a piece of felt and glue "Moment" can make a miracle and make the driver's seat once again the most comfortable. And lastly, what would like to mention in the article devoted to finalizing the wha classics – the fight with the engine sound effect. In this case, should help to install hydraulic lifters. It is noticed that the cars after the global tuning is much less likely to grieve their owners breakdowns. So if you have broken the wha repair it, and then immediately – tuning, tuning and more time tuning!

The City

Or the same amount of gasoline, but for half the amount appropriated. And while all of the tasks performed, goods delivered, and even the driver goes not so gloomy. Robert J. Shiller may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Because of the savings of money to him for moral suffering wages have increased. At this point, a business man, suspecting that it is not just because he tells it all, must necessarily ask only right in this situation the question: 'What?'. Will not play 'cat and mouse' and the answer is as short (although it is not clear): 'GPS'.

And now, in detail. gps – a global satellite navigation system with which can determine the location of any object on Earth to within a few meters. To do this, to this object (in this case a car) to place a special device that will be on signals from satellites to calculate its (and hence the car) coordinates. And if connected to this unit special sensors, such as fuel consumption, and to teach a device to transmit information about the location and fuel consumption computer, and even something some useful features, which we discuss later, the device it will be called 'Teletrack', the production of the Ukrainian company rcs. So, you set such a small box on his car fleet, collect workers 'collective, delivers a speech in the style of:' I can see everything from above! You did know ', and going to his office in his thoughts about fuel economy and finnasovom result of his enterprise. To monitor. On the screen Monitor you can see detailed electronic map of the city (region, country, world).

The Crankcase

Pulling twine, you can unscrew the cap, thereby protect it from dirt and his hands – from the hot oil. When the oil begins to flow is from the crankcase, consider the first drops in their shallow dish – whether there are metal shavings, pay attention and on the tube – whether on it the same metal shavings. If the oil has drained the color of weak coffee with milk (in this case, before draining the oil on his level schupu overvalued), then you have oil and water, which came into the case in result, for example, burning pads. And the last "thinness", you need to know when an oil change. Perhaps check out Robert J. Shiller for more information. When the drain plug is already possible to rotate the fingers, pay attention to where the copper strip of this tube. If she stuck to the tray, try it otkovyrnut fingers, and later, when loosening tube, pinch the crown cork and seal with your fingers. Otherwise, there is a high probability that you will lose, and when subsequent operation of the engine with the plug without running out from under it will leak oil. Replacing the oil filter.

Ideally, the filter should be easy to get out his hand, and just as easy to immediately be screwed into the new filter. In practice everything works a little differently, do not expect your oil filter to quickly and easily loosen. To start the filter housing with wrap-grained sandpaper and unscrew the filter through her hands. This helps in the five out of ten cases.

The Tenant

Tenant after the inspection of the vehicle signs an act of acceptance-transfer vehicle. This instrument will be recorded, whether the car is any minor damage (eg scratches). This will allow the tenant First, make sure that the complete car car rental contract terms, and secondly, give confidence that it will not be presented to claim for completeness of the car and its maintenance As of the end of the contract hire. The contract of hire cars must leave a deposit which will be returned at the end of the contract. The amount of bail varies depending on vehicle model and from $ 500 for a small 'Chevrolet AVEO' to $ 1000 for a representative foreign car. Now for the accident.

Of course, get into an accident is very unpleasant, but drivers of rented cars, even when they are guilty of a traffic accident, protected from serious financial problems are often far better than the rest of the road – for all rental cars are already insured under risk 'damage' (sometimes, though, for this service need to pay extra). In addition, the cost of renting auto and insurance is already included in the driver's liability. True, we should not forget that on the driver also is responsible for the car, but it usually does not exceed the amount of guarantee (of course, except for those cases where the tenant has flagrantly violated the laws of Russia in the field of road safety). However, this only applies to those cases where the driver is responsible for the accident. If, however, hire a car crashed into someone, then with no client money for it will not take. It is important that the tenant in the commission of an accident followed the instructions and perform all necessary actions, specified in the contract hire car: immediately declared the incident to the Traffic police, has fulfilled all the stipulated requirements of the Rules of the road, reported the accident hire and insurance companies. Violation of these rules may result in denial of the insurance company to pay the sum insured compensation and, thus, entail liability tenant. Rent a car requires no complicated rules and conditions, but in return you get freedom of movement and control of their own time. Car rental is your reliable assistant in a big city.