Real Estate Investment

Before more After all which is Its objectivo? In our opinion, before carrying through any business we must have well definite the objectivos to reach. Contrary case we run the risk not to reach nothing Or worse, to arrive the ruinous results! WWW.OBRAKASA.COM Thus, we must define the objectivo of the real estate business to carry through: 1.Quero to generate a more-value, that is, to carry through the operation and in the end to be with money in the hand? – In this in case that the investing purchase the property and comes back to vender with profit (to see our document on real estate investment in), being with available money toward other investments 2.Quero to value my patrimnio investing in a safe value with steady incomes and rentabilidades above of the bank deposits? – In the case of investment in patrimnio, the investing purchase, placing financial resources, lease and get a yield throughout the time. This yield is composed for the net incomes (incomes? costs of maintenance and taxes = net incomes), increased of valuation of the proper property. The definition of the objectivo to reach is important in the choice of the type of property to buy, the volume of investment to carry through and the financing of this investment. First WWW.OBRAKASA.COM step: To find a property with potential After defined the objectivo to reach, we go then to see as to find a property it with potential investing to gain money.

1.As sources? where to look for – Periodicals This way is most obvious, as much for who vende as for who purchase. However, it is very important to give a sight of eyes to have a general notion of the market. The announcements detached normally indicate a proprietor with a position of valuation of the property that it possesss. On the other hand, the small announcements (classified) can contain some property whose proprietors attribute little value to them, but that for the investor they can have great potential of valuation.