Plastic Windows

Plastic windows can not skip the flat cold. In fact, there is absolutely warm ups, but modern plastic windows several times more efficiently saving heat and have good sealing system. Windows PVC muffle all the noise from the street. It is not.

Low-frequency noise (noise of the tram traffic rumble, kick a jackhammer) strongly attenuated plastic windows, but it still sounds from outside are heard.The best PVC windows, filled with argon. This is a fallacy – a publicity stunt. The difference between the physical characteristics of a real gas and ideal is a fraction of a percent. New windows have absolute integrity. Add to your understanding with Nobel Laureate.

On Indeed, sealed plastic boxes is the ability to not pass air. Without the special seal (being covered with construction sealant) windows will still pass air. The thicker windows, the better. The optimal distance between the plates is 10-16 mm. A further increase will not lead to significant improvements in thermal characteristics (but would increase the cost) Inside the glass created a vacuum. If there really was a vacuum, the glass would just burst. In order to better glass pressed against the frame, it creates a kind of depression. The thickness of the profile and number of cameras improves characteristics of the window. In actually increase the thickness profile and its complexity – is meaningless, because its thermal resistance and so more than the glass. Harmful to the health profiles with lead additives. There are certificates which indicate that the profiles are suitable for applications in housing construction and completely harmless to human health. New windows should cost from $ 50 per square meter. If a person decided to buy PVC windows in Minsk, Kiev, Moscow or another city must understand that the quality production of the window can not be cheaper old wood.

The Walls In The Bedroom. Decorating And Design

In the old days was considered a front bedroom accommodation. Notable dignitaries and members of the imperial family was invited to the bedchamber to the morning toilet of their favorites, and sometimes unfamiliar people. Such an invitation to serve a sign that fortune he smiled broadly. Times have changed. Today, a bedroom is the most intimate place in the apartment. In the bedroom walls creates a special sense that allows you to tune in to the rest, meditation, and love. Especially becomes important to the creative design of these "sleeping" walls. Environmentally friendly properties, of course, the walls in the bedroom where we spend a third of his life, from whatever material they were made, should be environmentally safe.

Aesthetics of sleep and wake you always want in an intimate setting, so every evening and every morning in any light color and pattern of the walls should be pleasant to the eye. Reliability and durability of the material It is unlikely that you will enjoy falling asleep, looking at scratches and dents on the walls. If you do not plan to make repairs in the bedroom more often than once a year, pay special attention to the durability of finishing materials (design bedroom photo). Easy to care for even the most accurate hosts occasionally cases of force majeure – a mosquito, squashed on the wall, got on the wall of the drop from the cup of coffee … All this can ruin not only the appearance of walls, but also the mood.