Real Estate Prices

Before acquaint readers with the prices of the real estate market in our hometown, I want to offer a small geographic reference for other cities. Novorossiysk – the third largest city after Kuban Krasnodar and Sochi. His importance for the region's economy can not be overestimated: it is the gateway to the Black Sea, Kuban and one of the main naval bases in Russia. In connection with this real estate market has always been noted Novorossiysk diversifying all segments and strong demand for housing. Modern Novorossiysk until 2007 consisted of three districts: Central, East and Primorye. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard LeFrak. Central and Primorsky districts are on the western side of the bay and a little elongated along the river Tsemes. In the Central District are the city administration, a marina, port administration buildings, most of the offices, the main market and bus station. Real estate prices in these areas consistently high, as in constant and continuing demand.

East district is located on the east side Tsemess Bay, surrounded by slopes ridge. I wonder what the locals call Eastern District, "the party". People such as Robert J. Shiller would likely agree. There is a railway station and a number of important engineering structures largely determine the shape of Novorossiysk. For example, from the city center is visible located here nine-tower elevator, which in 1890 was the biggest not only in Russia but also throughout Europe. Near the tower – pipe cement plant to be built even earlier, during the notorious "Standard". The word "Standard" is now called the rn Novorossiysk slum near the industrial zone on the east side.