In 1513, Spanish Explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, start an expedition to find the much-desired fountain of youth, which according to the legend this source returns you health and youth who take their waters or bathe in it, unfortunately stayed in that, only legend. To almost 500 years of this expedition, a village to the southwest of Morocco, was found where the ethnic groups of the Maghreb, better known as the Berbers, have passed centuries inhabiting these lands have been fed and grown even with a shortage of food and water that a semi-desert area can provide and all this it should be argan, which still is not the much-desired fountain of youth of the legend is a mythical treethe seeds of this tree is obtained what is known as oil of Argan, the elixir of life, the true fountain of youth. Argan oil properties are so amazing that they have been surpassed by much to the various investigations that scientists have made to it, they themselves have argued that there is no explanation to find so many curative and regenerative benefits of Argan oil. This oil is extracted to consume it in 2 ways, the edible and the cosmetic use, the extraction process is similar, in their edible presentation is something like olive oil, and if you eat this oil, we will enjoy good health, restore our digestive system and serve to prevent some problem of gastritis and if you already have oil regenerates all kinds of damage caused in the intestinesdue to the amount of minerals and proteins containing the oil separate enjoy good health will also take the energy needed to perform our daily tasks forgetting of tiredness and fatigue. Argan oil cosmetic presentation properties are equally wonderful because it returns the natural tone of the skin leaving it hydrated, soft and smooth, eliminates the unpleasant problem of acne, reduces marks on the skin and the wrinkles of the face caused by age or facial expressions, this hair argan oil leave results amazing, gives shine and strength, avoid falling regenerates damaged leads removes all traces of fungus on the scalp, which we commonly know by dandruff. It is hard to imagine that just a product we will find so many benefits, which can regenerate and prevent many health problems, both the benefits of argan hair oil, skin nails and edible oil are endorsed with study conducted by experts, all these qualities of Argan oil, so it is considered as a fountain of youth and beauty that gives us a better quality of life well see good is to feel goodfor more information on the topic and if you want to know where buy Argan oil, it is suggested to investigate on the Internet pages that they endorse its authenticity and quality reliability in its products. Do you want to know more about the properties of argan oil? Continue reading my articles and discover the benefits of argan hair oil. Original author and source of the article