As a good number of economic experts predicting the output of the global crisis in which we find ourselves seems imminent. Both the Member countries of the European Union and the United States felt gradually improvement in the economic situation which will result in better profitability for our savings. A good example of this situation are interest rates being offered by long-term deposits, which considerably increases the profitability according to the number of months or years that I considered the saving product. A concrete example might be offered fixed-term deposits by Bank ING Direct online, which virtually multiply by 2 the profitability of their deposits when we raise the term of investment of 3 months to 1 year. Being in the latter case of a 3% for investments over $ 50,000 euros. One of the first steps that will announce this recovery will be the elevation of official interest rates by both the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve American. Let us remember that today the official types are found in its historical minimum, 1%, and however the mortgage rate Euribor comes rising monthly since the beginning of last year 2010.

Another is clear anticipation of rises that already anticipate the markets. In this way if we are to make an investment of our savings, we can opt to extend the term up to 6 months to achieve greater profitability. Beyond 6 months do not it would be interesting since it will be more convenient to return to past reinvest this term to an existing rate which foreseeably will be much greater.