Parquet – Classic Forever

Fashion is like love: the push to celebrate the slightest changes of mood, ahead of the event, in time to catch the trend. Including – new trends in interior design. Classic remains the most secure – not only in clothing, and housing arrangement. We're talking about choosing not so much styles as materials, primarily wood. It is appropriate in almost any environment, no matter how trendy the idea never occurred to the designer. After all, every home worthy of the parquet floor.

Consequently, the parquet floor – a classic forever! Specialists share the exquisite wooden flooring on the board parquet board, a massive, block parquet. The latter is the simplest. "Little Things" – is rectangular strips of equal length on each side of which cut spike and a groove for docking. Different modes of presentation, the combination of colors and textures allow you to "weave" of an extremely simple material like ornament. Sizes range from Dice 250/50 to 900/90 mm.

Rods longer than one meter are considered to have a solid board, they can reach 2,4 m. Both types of flooring made of a piece of solid wood. Parquet board – is a three-layer design. The lower layer is made of waterproof plywood, which is placed perpendicular to the so-called spike layer (mostly softwood), and in parallel – a valuable species: oak, ash, bamboo, merbau, etc. Completes the finish parquet varnishing or impregnation with a special oil. Multi-layer boards are not detract from the performance advantages of a floor covering, the main one – half "behave" consistently at any time year, is resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations.