Obergurgl Josl

There is even talk of a change in a big way, with the focus of attention no longer stand as well, but services and facilities for the purpose of individual happiness are feeling. The archaic alpine nature asserts itself against the spa. The mountain is now to bring the body and soul into balance. Anneliese Gstrein see the hotel in Obergurgl Josl their role in providing an exciting and entertaining program. Also place it on sustainable regeneration to the living energies of the quasi score recharge and will thus serve with the "gentle kick in the butt" as a motivational aid. That it really proves is that the new "Speed-Wellness" study which sweaty, body-work in itself be deemed of benefit, not toying with the lazy and leave regards as a kind of training camp to cope with everyday life again relaxed. This training camp in Obergurgl to 5-star level is characterized primarily by the unique altitude. Following the Austrian Moderate Study (AMAS), so only a mild stimulating climate increases to 1,900 meters, the physical well-being and stimulates the metabolism.

The mystery of the recreational value is a mountain holiday, the trends of the study, in the mobilization and economization of the forces generated by the human organism. This registers the low partial pressure of oxygen (mild hypoxia) at altitudes 1400-2000 m and boost its activities vigorously. Subsequently be throttled with the stronger activity follows an economization. Prof. Dr. Humpeler, head of the investigation found, with the car engine a felicitous comparison.