Michael Hutta

Today the economy of the region, which is characterized by a broad mix of industry influence not only large companies, such as Daimler, Bosch, Porsche, Zeiss, Wurth or Trump but also the medium-sized family-owned company. Prestigious universities, highly skilled workforce and a central location ensures a high attractiveness as a business location. The resulting immigration, a constant demand derived from commercial real estate and housing.Stuttgart has about 590,000 inhabitants and great potential, because within a radius of only 50 km, reaching almost 4 million people. Today, companies with tradition, but also young and innovative companies, determine the economic structure of the region in Boblingen, Esslingen, Waiblingen, Goppingen and Ludwigsburg. Sit top company of plant and mechanical engineering, as well as the supplier for the automotive industry. The connection to the Road and motorway, Stuttgart city, trade fair and airport is ideal. Also access to a large customer and workforce and a varied leisure and cultural activities affected the central location in the region of Stuttgart, the good accessibility, investment and the settlement provides divorces companies positively.

The Office real estate market is due to its size and only limited national broadcast primarily of local importance. The range of new areas is the core of the urban renewal limited, but in the wake of initiated objects. The vacancy on cheap stock objects has a renewed, if also gebremste increase on. In inner-city real estate must be strongly invested or by oversized project developments of several building blocks an offer are developed, that mark the future product cycle: City real estate with a mix of residential, Office and shopping units and public services. The rents on Office space moves between 4,00 and 9,50 EUR per m. In the construction field office rents are obtained m with exposed objects top facilities between 8.00 and 12,50 EUR per m. Per square is dedicated to real estate the asset class and provide customized strategies and individual solutions that adapt to the local particularities of the German real estate market as well as to the rapid market changes developed in accompanying transactions each size class expert mediation and Beratungsdienstleistungen.Das real estate consulting firm.Per square offers its clients by acquiring control in the professionalism and expertise at the highest level up for sale. Decision-oriented analysis, campaign management, market studies and special publications to back to individual research services round off the services. See the company’s website you may contact detail around the clock to the supra-regional and regional counselling and services or the real estate experts contact directly. Michael Hutta, founder & owner per square