Licensing System Service

The assessment service is supported by several hundred partners in Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria and of Switzerland. Recently, the service can create city-related real estate evaluation portals and awarding regional licenses for. Through this regional review portals, consumers can create online directly location accurate real estate reviews.

Turnkey real estate assessment portal of the self-service offers the opportunity to operate a turnkey real estate assessment portal for their region, without having even to the building and to take care of the maintenance of systems and data interested self-employed or entrepreneurs. Technical requirements, data timeliness, customer support and billing fully acquires the license provider. There remains time to take care of the marketing of its location-based real estate valuation Portales for the licensee. Licensee receives high revenue share of, fee to be paid a method Dr. Barzel real estate valuation receives from the consumer the licensee, unless the review of its Portal is established, a high revenue share. The interaction of self-service and schlusselfertigem evaluation Portal creates the opportunity to start with a proven and well-known real estate valuation service in the independence from the outset.

Bird’s eye view clearly benefits from the bird perspective shows a synthesis has been created about the urban-related real estate review portals. Of operating on the market for 12 years service for online real estate valuation method Dr. Barzel brings his system, his knowledge and the reputation of the mark. The licensee creates a tangible closeness to the customer on the spot about the regional facing marketing. And finally, the consumer can know immediately and cheap location exactly worth how much house, apartment or land. Opportunity for entrepreneurs of the interaction of the parties also allows to recognize people who hardly could imagine an entrepreneurial activity through the licensing system, the turnkey real estate assessment portal, economic prospects in life for himself. The systematic division of labour about the rating system, as well as the self-service estimated by the consumer, are ideal conditions for a successful business relationship for those interested of a partner license. Real estate valuation in the licensing system for more information about the method of Dr.