Land Prices

Explaining their proposals so that the cost of land because of the crisis decreased and acquire land at bargain prices can be, they suggest that "affordable" to buyers – the land under construction. In this case, not even trying to hide the fact that most of the current deals with suburban real estate occurs only on land. As a rule, with painted them communications. The sale of such sites can be a contract to build the house, and maybe no. However, the sale of land by the general contract for construction is becoming increasingly popular. However, not all that easy. There are certain conditions to start construction on the acquisition of land.

It should start no later than one year after clearance of the acquisition of land. In addition, the future of the cottage project should be agreed with the administration of ct. So happy future owner will have a lot of suburban real estate and run, and jittery, and yes even fork out. And then the result is not too surprising that the final price achieved will be slightly higher than outside the longed-KG. However, in spite of that, experts believe that the cost of cottages in the cg, especially in the most prestigious, will grow, and growth on the basis of the current year may be in the range of 10-15%. Of course, developers benefit to assure that the price of suburban real estate has stabilized and reached their minimum limit, and that at least the next six months is unlikely to cost the country real estate will vary.