IVG Immobilien AG

“The SHB innovative fund concepts AG makes for a thrilling contribution of the Fund newspaper carefully under the heading mainly real estate” illuminated the savvy journalist Beatrix Boutonnet in the magazine of the newspaper of fund the current German real estate market and worked out important key messages. Should be a mirror image of the economy in 2012 real estate markets then benefit from the General uncertainty and inflation fears. The property does not per se provides a shield against inflationary tendencies, but it also depends on the quality of the selection is very well described,”, says Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). It includes research of IVG Immobilien AG in the opinion of the Manager quoted in the post, according to real-estate first of all would depend on the profit and value stability and it not only went to park his capital. Clearly worked out is also that the search for the suitable core real estate fund suitable for harder will and investors need to take here some Abstiche in purchasing, for example with regard to the situation. “Under the subheading euro zone: hard times!” the post also enters the expected development in Euroland. He is in the Center, that the present situation has nothing to do with the financial crisis of 2008 and the markets of exaggerations”are far away.

Many experts see euroapaweit”good trends, SHB real estate expert says. Quoted in the post is Jones Lang LSalle, who continue to view the investor demand for UK, Germany, France and the Nordic countries. In terms of the American real estate markets professionals put on foresight ahead and differentiated analysis of market segments. As well, there are the specialists who do still have business in this segment. Windfall no longer be observed for a long time. The European hotel market is estimated to gratifyingly positive. After all, 1.1 could in the past year in this field in Germany Billion euros Frankfurt as investment funds, presented with himself. Just the high-priced segment is needed.

Real estate agent CBRE expects a continued high level also in 2012. The high demand from home and abroad for German commercial real estate continues 2011 also in the fourth quarter with unbridled Dynamics”, so the author with reference to the numbers of CBRE. 10.55 billion euros to this type of use was so Germany invested in 2011. According to CBRE, growth may slow down in 2012, but remain at a high level. This is accompanied by this development with a stable economic situation in Germany. We feel in any case confirmed in the asset allocation of our SHB funds ”, so Gruber. So, the real estate funds, which were launched by the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG), can refer to a variety of commercial real estate, providing a broad mix of tenants and long-term leases.