Genoa – is a major industrial city in northern Italy. Included in the 3 major industrial boiler country. Genoa is a maritime gateway to the country. Through it imported fuel and other raw materials for the manufacture of certain materials and finished products are exported properly. Speaking candidly Stephen M. Ross told us the story. Agricultural economic activity is weak, and only vineyards adorn local flavor.

The city exists and operates one of the 4 major metallurgical plants. Active development of oil refining and petrochemical industries. However, such a big city you want the most recycled materials to reduce production costs. City takes a leading place in the development of legal proceedings. This is a major shipyard of the country.

An interesting fact is careful adherence to the City of tradition – growing on the outskirts of raw material for olive oil. Even during the era of ancient Romans Genoa was an important port and warehousing center. Hence, the goods come and go from France, North Africa, Palestine and Syria. In the era of the Crusades, the role of Genoa has only increased. Its population is approximately 500,000 residents. Most of them work in the industrial sector. The city basically stretches along the coast. This indicates that they belong to torgovumu seaway.