Fibreboard – hardboard, but there are also the second name – fiberboard. Many people think that fiberboard and fiberboard are completely different things, but actually it is not. Even once I had heard that the hardboard and mdf are two identical plates, only Fibreboard is a Russian acronym, and mdf overseas, however, after such had to hang up because this is complete nonsense. But back to the title of fiberboard, the word itself is derived from the phrase "organic rock" so say encyclopedia. But if we look further, then we will find only references fiberboard and hardboard in them, as there was no way and no. Orgalita called high-density fiberboard, but besides the name "fiberboard" added index "T" that is "solid." Surely you are not persuaded, in this case, let's look at the existing guests if the search for any sources, then still we will be able to find guests fiberboard, but the fact that our found gosts on fiberboard absolutely like guests DWT: 4598-86, 8904-81 and 19592-80. According to the present, or even say scientific guests fiberboard not like most hardboard, it has only a name that reflects the jvp. Hopefully with the names now understandable.

Now, when we understood the acronyms and titles, another question arises, why do we need the hardboard? I will say this, the scope of fiberboards large, this building, and furniture production and even packaging materials. It is worth a little deeper into the scope for a clearer notion of the slab. In the construction is most often used solid fiberboard or hardboard grades nt, it is used for thermal and acoustic insulation of the roof, manufacturing floors, walls, for decoration, such as interior decoration, is often used fiberboard as a protective film, but the cons of the film is that it may tear even a small load, and fiberboard before the repair. In the furniture industry is also an indispensable part, because each of us has a home in closets, so that's basically the back wall of the enclosure or the lower part of box is in most cases, a piece of hardboard, except furniture plate used for the manufacture of interior doors. Even in many art schools are using lists of hardboard instead of canvas. As packing material, normal fiberboard also apply, as very often it is used as cushioning material.

So here we can safely say, well, that invented and invented a material such as hardboard. You certainly a question or it has occurred before it, as well as after the cabinet we have "a pretty" colorful, and the back plate plain, brown It turns out that where a fraud? Respond immediately "NO" no deception. There are two option boards, it's all the same, but a sanitized, and the second . Refined plate is – hardboard, the front layer in which the production before pressing saturated dye. I would like to make one small clarification, a plate is a smooth-sided and two-sided. Fiberboards with unilateral smoothness is one of the parties to the rough surface of the reservoir or the imprint of the transport grid and plate bilateral smoothness has the same surface roughness. I would also like to give a little advice when choosing DVPlity important to pay attention to the bundle, if the edge (edge) laminated plate, then such plate is better to set aside, in addition, try to pay attention to the whole plate in its entirety to her was not a hardened seats.