DMS Project Director

Complements the DMS the tray application also interpreted that it provides the user with additional overviews of important customer data available. Many details are socially now very fast to find also in the documents themselves visible and 2Charta. Richard LeFrak is likely to increase your knowledge. Often redundant, manual lists about bank accounts of customer claims against the customer, assets or securing mortgages or income or monthly pay slips of customers result alone from workers in the social services. Only such manual lists cause around 3 6% of administrative costs in the social services and are to represent much more efficiently in a DMS. The clerk at the local job centre now as so far in Comp.ASS maintains the master data of the beneficiary. He can always create a new file in 2Charta-Sozial button, as a file is created automatically, as soon as a document about a decision, is generated from the specialised procedure. The incoming mail will be scanned either in the mailroom and on the 2Charta-Posteingangsmodul in single Distributed mail baskets. Or the employee scans the documents at his workplace in the relevant file in the archive.

Outlook-mail documents and its annexes can be processed. The top level of the file structure is typically the community of need for, below which different part files can be created, as for maintenance procedures, judicial proceedings or continuing education. They serve the back office staff from the performance of clerical work and all other legitimate access employees as a basis of information or document pool available. The approximately 110 employees of the job Center can edit through digital files of job seekers with new DMS. Basic information for their area of competence of the particular community of need for research, of course in compliance with the data protection regulations, directly in Comp.ASS, can comfortably invoke the electronic record button and there use the existing documents for editing. The index data of the DMS serve the identification of instruments and supporting files as well as the efficient and fast find this documents.