Dealing with the Housing Crisis

The European Central Bank apparently intended to handle the housing crisis. The only banks that were subject to difficulties in the Euro Zone were those banks with large exposure to U.S. housing market and the rest of European banks have no problem, I think what makes Europe more solid before the crisis. The USD / JPY; minimum recorded in the area of 105.21 at the end of the European session. Stops were placed in the 105.50 area. It is estimated that the pair USD / JPY continued to slide, despite the recent strength of the greenback. The yen held steady against the EUR and GBP, which is likely to cause pressure on the greenback short term. The stock market was low, and rising oil, which will keep the USD / JPY under pressure as well.

In my view, the USD made a strong recovery in response to possible final approval of the bailout, and nothing else should this phenomenon. To read more click here: Professor Rita McGrath. Once the euphoria fades, the greenback will probably resume its downward trend. In the long run I believe that the USD will fall. Have a good weekend. GBP / USD Daily Resistance 3: 1.8180 Resistance 2: 1.8050 Resistance 1: 1.7880 New York: 1.7677 Support 1: 1.7630 Support 2: 1.7580 Support 3: 1.7550 The data published in the United States, led the couple, but many analysts believe the move was exaggerated by the low operating volumes. Aggressive traders can buy now. Perhaps the pair will resume the level of 1.8600 short term. Sovereign states were interested in the EURO and GBP given the fall of these currencies.