Common Mistakes Investors Make

When communicating with potential buyers or just in private conversations, very often the question arises whether good time now to invest in real estate, where best to invest? If you have a question arises, then this implies the existence of two things: firstly, the real estate market is only one and one, it moves up or down, and secondly, ask other people: to buy or not – it is right and reasonable. In fact, there are hundreds of separate from each other by segments of the real estate market, some rising and others falling rapidly and it all happens at the same time. Dmitry Shmelev, Commercial Director of "ST Group Region" in an interview 'Owner': – Does it make sense now to invest in regional "elitku"? Or the rise in prices there, too, has stopped? – We can reformulate the question: is there a link Moscow and regional markets. I am 4 years to sell their apartments in regions, and direct communication can not see straight. When prices stalled in Moscow two years ago, Saint responded after 2 weeks, and now the growth will continue growing in winter, and in November at 25%. At the price spurts in Moscow region is not immediately respond, there is a delay of two to three months, but prices react to a stop after a long delay – from 2 to 6 months. But it is better guided by a theory which I have derived for the ratio of prices in different cities, how could "odnushku" in Moscow in Soviet times to change to "kopeck piece" in St.