Bulgarian Real Estate Profit

In recent years, Russians have mastered quite well the domestic real estate market and learn how to earn it. But, first, a high yield turns significant risks, and, secondly, the development of any market reaches its climax. Moreover, today to become an active participant in Russian real estate market requires large investments that can afford not everyone. An alternative to the internal market became foreign nedvizhimost.Potomu that the development of the foreign property market is somewhat less, it is more accessible, and, of course, share the risk is much lower. And to predict the revenue that will bring this market, more realistic. Besides the countries of Eastern Europe still offer the opportunity to enter the market with a relatively small initial capital. Buying property in Bulgaria, except for income from rental housing to rent, you will have 20-30% per annum, moreover, the initial contribution may be only 40 thousand euros.

Bulgarian real estate today is the most common investment funds, because to buy a good real estate opportunity is within 40-150 thousand euros. Of course, for our countrymen, the most attractive just the bottom bar of the price band, which allows you to invest even the minimum funds with good liquidity and efficiency. But do not forget the fact that apart from a profitable investment, you also get your own comfortable home on the Black Sea, where you will be able to spend time with your family or friends. More info: Nobel Laureate in Economics. And the offers us a unique opportunity to market high-quality real estate in Bulgaria, which is growing rapidly. In recent months, Expert on growth strategy has been very successful. Becoming the owner of an apartment in Bulgaria, you do not just charge and invest the money, but also be able to make a deposit apartments, as well as spending time at his apartment or other real estate abroad. You are waiting for ski resorts in Bulgaria – Borovets, Bansko and the Black Sea coast – Sunny Beach, Sozopol, Bourgas, Primorsko Pomorie and others. Bulgarian real estate, among other things to strive towards a healthy lifestyle, many of us are aware of the healing Bulgarian air. You also have the opportunity to buy an apartment, house No other property next to the famous spa resort in Bulgaria.

Find the best accommodation, the most suitable apartment or an apartment in Bulgaria, you will help our company. We can take all the work associated with choosing and buying a property abroad, including property in Bulgaria. If an investment bank in Bulgaria on a clear interest to you, if you want to learn more about pricing and offers proposed by Bulgaria property Come to us – you will not regret. Vsevolod Borisov Company Unikornum Tel. +7 (495) 660-52-56 Head Office in Russia: Moscow, st. Rochdelskaya, d. 11 / 5