United States Loans

But I know that if I want something to happen in my life I can not so random, I need to study it, analyze it, and act accordingly. The hope by itself does not change unless you take things happen. Yes, I think to focus my mind on something I’m going to understand it and make it better, but that reality is changed in my favor it is necessary to act in congruence with my thinking. If something in my life I am not satisfied today, no matter how many psychology or self-help books can read, how many experts go if I don’t take actions consistent with this. No matter how many consultants engage, an organization cannot be modified if not take actions under the change you are looking for. Any decision implies action, vision without action is merely a dream. The economic crisis this situation which starts in United States isn’t random product, is the result of decisions wrong that started with the elevation of the cost of the properties in that country and to the little comment by lenders at the time of granting credits. Banking, to support their loans, believe some instruments by way of bonds backed by mortgages of thousands and thousands of people who bought housing, bonds which in turn were sold to other lenders.

When the prices of these properties have tended downwards crash began: people were paying properties that are devaluaban and mortgage payments to banks were reduced. The owners of the bonds that banks sold to make more loans in times of prosperity began to sell them to the highest bidder, at prices well below the initial cost, losing its value and generating chaos. Financial institutions have entered into panic, the confidence of consumers has led to recession, loans were cancelled, the situation went out of proportions. The uncertainty of people and organizations about the current events turns into fear.