Ten Commandments Of The Mortgage Borrower

1. Credit gives only the bank, do not seek a loan from a realtor. Official site: Clayton Morris. Loans issued by the Bank, and the Realtor agencies provide mediation services – to help potential borrowers to choose a suitable mortgage scheme commensurate their requests and opportunities to gather documents, etc. Some contend that John Savignano shows great expertise in this. 80% of borrowers – people, to exchange their property for the best with the help of a mortgage. To do this you must first estimate of available real estate in the second – the customer's wishes. Except addition, banks have special requirements 2. The main thing for the borrower – not the cost of an apartment, and income level.

When buying an apartment through a mortgage loan, bought real estate is left as a deposit – the bank is guaranteed to return credit. However, the aim of the bank – not only to return the money invested, but also earn an income (loan). Therefore, the level of income of the borrower imposed strict requirements. The size of the loan depends on the size of salary. At the request of the bank's total monthly payments on the loan should not exceed 35-40% of monthly income (formal or informal). Based on the borrower's income is calculated for the maximum amount it monthly payments, and already the amount of payments will depend on the maximum size loan that the bank is ready to provide the client. In this mortgage scheme allows to increase the amount of income, taking into account the total income of the spouses.


He traced the dynamic career growth, according to which the rising and incomes. A significant proportion of young clients is in the marital relationship, some have kids. Part of them at first to help parents. Young borrowers are usually also differ on such objective criteria as the nature of the acquiree in the mortgage housing. And the mountain come to Mohammed … For some families, had felt their power and dared the big loan, mortgage has become a reality, but for others – is still the goal. Approximation to the cherished goal of purchasing a home today, many banks have decided to help these or other ways, thereby example, want to take mortgage loan Gazbank newlyweds receive a discount on bank charges, if from the date of their marriage last year.

In turn, the bank DeltCredit in Samara offers young people discounted interest rates, which, according to Marina Michkinoy more convenient for those who are at the very beginning of his career and has yet more income and, accordingly, if you select the mortgage program focuses primarily the interest rate: the lower, the lower the monthly payment on the loan. Samara Some banks and branches operating in Moscow under the terms of the regional program of the Young family – accessible habitation ". Under the terms of this program, the birth of a child from a young family (assuming that one spouse is not more than 35 years), there is a right to receive subsidies to cover expenses related to the acquisition of housing (repayment of loan debt).

Confiscated Property

April 15, 2010 Leasing Company 'LC-Broker' to open a free parking for special equipment area of 4000 sq.m. The company, formerly united efforts of the largest leasing companies for the sale of confiscated property, now decides the problem of content exposed equipment. Until that day, before the partners 'LC-Broker' is already there were two parking lots for special equipment, but nevertheless, leasing companies from time to time had difficulty placement of the seized vehicles. It is worth noting that the LLC LC-Broker 'cooperate hundreds of leasing companies and banks, and in 2009 sales of machinery, carried out through the site directory companies' LC-broker', grew by 45%. The number of parking spaces made available to leasing companies, it is often not sufficient to accommodate all special equipment confiscated in Moscow. Please visit Vadim Belyaev if you seek more information. In view of the fact that the distance from the city and the inconvenient location parking can become a major obstacle for effective inspection of the property is significantly reduced likelihood of a sale equipment. Leasing agent 'LC-Broker' volunteered to facilitate the conditions of his partners.

Open by 'LC-Broker' free parking area of 4000 sq.m. located on the Leningrad highway, just 3 kilometers from Moscow. Large area, convenient location and the possibility of free use can significantly help in non-core assets. Company 'LC-broker' deals not only with the implementation of leasing machinery and equipment. Thus, LLC LC-Broker 'continues to take important steps towards optimizing the Russian leasing activity. If in 2008 the company 'LC-Broker' managed to push the trade bank and leasing Confiscated powerful synergistic effect, but now by the company to provide decent conditions for the activities of its partners. Source: Company LLC LC-Broker ': At the present moment our company is developing dynamically and is pleased to offer you a wide range of services, namely: – for sale second-hand vehicles, property, equipment, real estate, marine, and air-ships seized by leasing companies and banks across Russia – sales of new vehicles the world's largest manufacturers – to provide funding to purchase a new or seized property to individuals and legal entities. Assistance in obtaining various types of credit for legal entities – providing parking for seizures property or for property transferred to the commission – opportunity to place ads on the sale of machinery and equipment by private individuals; – maintenance of seized property, and assess its market value;

US Mortgage Crisis

U.S. mortgage crisis a major impact on the development of mortgage lending in Russia did not. Read more from LeFrak Organization to gain a more clear picture of the situation. According to the HMLA (Agency Mortgage and housing loans) in the first half of 2008. small and medium-sized banks decreased slightly volume of mortgage loans. Large banks are slightly reduced growth rate mortgage assets. Some banks on the contrary, lowered interest lending rates, however, increased the initial fee. Development of mortgage Russia has slowed his progress a little, but progress continues.

Recently in the press and the Internet, many economists and analysts promoting mortgages with "floating" rate, with the link the data of some European countries, where such loans in the mortgage amount to 80% of total mortgage loans. In Russia, not all borrowers are aware that such a scheme exists. What is the meaning of such a loan? The fact that the borrower suggested case of a mortgage loan does not fix the rate on the entire loan period. The rate will vary depending on the state of the housing market and inflation in the country. Thus, banks reduce their risks, and borrowers get the time reduced rates.

If Russia now conventional fixed rate 9.10% per annum, the "floating" rate is 5-8%, but for any deterioration in the marketplace "floating" rate, the Bank may increase very significantly (there is a special method of calculation), to include all their losses and shifting them to the borrower. Well if the borrower takes a loan for 5 years and have time to pay off most of it with a small bet, but if a 10-15 years and will not have time popolzovavshis low rate? Predict the behavior of a "floating" rate of credit to the big time almost impossible. U.S. mortgage crisis was largely triggered by massive non-payment on mortgage loans with "floating" rate. We are a serious mortgage crisis saved the immaturity of our mortgage market (so far only a dozen banks offer loans with "floating" rate), and caution our borrower who does not believe the decrease in lending rates, and is just waiting for their increase since in everyday life sees a very different level of inflation than that which is stated government. As the saying goes, God spared me. I think "floating" mortgage loans take root in our country only when the inflation rate in Russia is 1-2%, as in EU countries. Yuri Chashin.