Land Registry In Spain

The Spanish land register is a public register. Anyone who has a legitimate interest may, at the Spanish Land Registry (Registro de la Propiedad) apply for a Land Registry. A legitimate interest is accepted as a request by a lawyer. To obtain a title deed, it is necessary to identify the property. The identification of the site and requesting a land register extract is relatively easy if you have the registration number D. It can be difficult, if only the address or even just the location is known. Robert J. Shiller is full of insight into the issues.

It is also helpful to the first and last name of the current owner. There are different forms of land registry extract. We distinguish the simple abstract of title (“nota simple”) and qualified land register . In general, land is a simple statement. He is just a (binding) information and contains the following information: description of the property (“Description”): Land size, cultivated area Registered Owner (Actual”) Type of acquisition (eg purchase) Date of the registration (“date) loads The qualified Land Registry is a public document and contains additional information (eg, previous owner). It is used eg in the context of litigation.

If a proper request is made and describes the property closely, you will normally receive after 4-7 days of the requested Land Registry. In the case of qualified land extract the grant can last much longer. Caution: The Spanish land – like the German land register – be incorrect, as the acquisition and loss of property may also take place outside the land register. In Spain, for example, the property be acquired by a private contract / sold. But you can from people who are registered in the Land Register as the owner acquire the property in good faith. You therefore should always check the legal situation can be from a qualified lawyer.

Housing Ownership

Heritage – A certificate of ownership to housing + certificate of inheritance by the law (by will) or certificate of ownership to housing + certificate of inheritance by law + agreement determining the proportion; 1.4. Property in HBC or LCD – Certificate of ownership of the dwelling Help + HBC LCD or registration certificate of the Bureau of Technical Inventory + 2 of the original certificate of HBC, the LCD on Pae paid. Note. If you can not find documents of title to the apartment, or they are burned, they stole your spiteful "rodstvennichki" or competitors, do not despair – there is always a way out. Refer to the our section "How to inherit the apartment," or reference documents of title to the apartment. Note. If the apartment is on the day of his death belonged to you, you the testator and other family members on the Rights of without a common definition of shares of joint ownership, then you will have to be a notary agreement on the definition of parts among all co-owners. Further information can be found at documents of title to the apartment. Then you must order in the territorial division of the Bureau of Technical Inventory at the location of the apartment the following documents: o information on the book value of the apartment or its shares (formerly Form 11-a) on the day of death of the testator (necessarily indicate); o cadastral passport apartments; o explication of the apartment. After the 01.01.2005, notaries were required in the design of the hereditary rights of citizens of the estimated document the market value of the property, referring to the law 'On State Duty'.

Best Decorative Paper

To paper ancient rooms or walls in bad conditions, faulty or false Squadron, note that smooth papers better concealing defects. They also conceal defects of placement; If you are loading paper for the first time, it is advisable to start with small prints and designs of little drawing. Cheap papers are easier to damage or soiling. If you put in a transit area or in places where they play guys, prefer vinyl papers. The paper to be used all at once, to avoid variations in colour between items must always be purchased. It should also buy a bit more than the calculated if waste or errors that should be corrected.

Guys and soft prints visually enlarge environment, while the most turgid and colorful designs are only advisable in spacious rooms. If it is a room of daily use, you should choose soft designs for not tiring sight. The stripes design have their secrets: stripes horizontal they make the room seem wider, but not recommended in low places; the vertical stripes make the walls appear higher, but reduce the space in narrow corridors. The warm tones (ochres and oranges) are classic and easy to combine roles. The roles of yellow hues create effect of luminosity, and are therefore recommended in environments with little or no natural light. In large areas the ideal role is shades white, although you have to be careful with white in bright environments, since it has a great power of reflection and ends up resulting in annoying.

Gray shades Dim reflection of the Sun’s rays, so they are recommended for hot and bright environments. Wallpaper with blue base are what is called refreshing, and for its association with the sea and the sky produce an effect of spaciousness. The shades of green rest the view and why are desirable in the areas of reading, desks and living rooms. The wallpaper can be used in one or more walls without having to make it across the room. Even a design can be placed on a wall and the next the same model but in another color. Of course, that these resources should be used with care and discretion. When it comes to very small apartments should choose the same colour or coating for all rooms, so that their environments will prolong in others and thereby to obtain a feeling of spaciousness.