Series Of Articles On Advance

The other doctor ( has published a five-part series on the topic of patient available on his website. The other doctor: Excerpt from the first article on the subject of advance directive. All pages are often confused. As a doctor I am again, how much confusion, uncertainty and ignorance on the subject of advance directive and related statements are. A great deal of superficiality in addition often. Exactly is the result of my opinion, just as erratic and unsafe dealing with such dispositions on sides of relatives, acquaintances, and especially on pages of the attending doctors. The fears of issuing an advance offer also a wide range.

They range from: doctors do what I want anyway! Up to to ensure that early as organ replacement bearing end, although his own life without much effort was still retrievable. The reactions of doctors on living wills are no less diverse. Submit by: death is my enemy. I do everything that is in my power to prevent it. What interests me the wipe. Up to the detailed study of available with reinsurance in kinship and family doctor.

So the situation in daily practice is inconsistent, confusing, even and because the legislator contributes much defining to clarify. I think that’s good. A statutory provision would not simplify the situation, but complicated. We all know what look like legal provisions: sprawling text in one language only for specialists to understand. The situation is similar to that in the discussion on the topic of euthanasia. Whether allowed or not allowed, whether active or passive, the German people should be gradually to a settlement, which found in daily practice and then focused on her. It should be also in the question of advance directive. This important matter is not included in the form of a complicated legal text, but dealing with it needs to grow.