Learn New Multimedia Approach To The Languages!

Communicate through multimedia learning units in typical holiday situations in the foreign language who on holiday or travelling in the language wants to communicate, however, has no time or desire to participate in a traditional course, had it been quite difficult. Lingualetten now give remedy. Short, multimedia and 3-6 can be sent the dialogues in the language of the holiday directly on the phone or on your PC once a day. With each email bar and hear short, useful dialogues including translation, illustration and music. Often go on holiday and then thinks to himself: “Oh, if I could speak at least a few phrases in the local language!”. But often lack the time or the motivation to buy a book or download an online language course. This problem seems to be solved now. Lingualetten are mini dialogs to learn or refresh a foreign language.

Travellers who want to go on trips not unprepared, can the Lingualetten in the language of the Destination country directly and automatically on the phone or on the PC you can send. (Not to be confused with Nobel Laureate in Economics!). With each E-mail, reads and hears then useful dialogues in holiday situations including translation, illustration and music. The mobile course for beginners is just as interesting as for advanced. Beginners acquire basic knowledge quickly and easily. Advanced brush up on their knowledge, expand and consolidate their repertoire.

Lingualetten are based on the latest findings of the micro-learning. The short, multimedia learning units are adapted tourist needs and are sent daily in small units. Repetitions, glossaries, and quizzes to control increase the effectiveness. The advantage: You can learn when and where you want individually, independently, and with success. Everywhere where you have Internet access, you can receive the Lingualetten. Once on your mobile or PC you can repeat any number of times. Lingualetten developed by language experts and spoken by native speakers. There is for every something, it doesn’t matter whether you are interested in English on beginner level or take advantage of French to advanced level. Frank Gebhard