If you intend to sell or buy an apartment, a very important problem is evaluation of an apartment. For even more opinions, read materials from Bizzi & Partners. Inflated the cost, you risk losing the first time, and time in this case – money. Understated – too loose, but profits. Turning to our licensed appraiser, you will learn the real value of the apartment, that is, that value for which the apartment will be sold to the maximum benefit. Document from the appraiser consider when issuing banks mortgages and other transactions with commercial housing, for example, in the apartment as collateral for a loan.

In determining the market value of the apartment, a room takes into account all features and details, and namely, the estimated location of the property: County, district, location in the district; Transport accessibility, ensuring public transport (subjective assessment), Social Objects infrastructure neighborhood within walking distance (less than 1 km) Provision of social infrastructure objects (subjective assessment), industrial infrastructure facilities district; transport facilities neighborhood infrastructure, state adjacent areas (subjective assessment), there are legal parameters assessing the apartment. If the apartment is no registration and is not living, it is estimated more similar, but burdened with the simultaneous purchase of an alternative apartment, much less a settlement. Apartment, privately owned, is estimated more privatized. Multiple transitions rights the title deed, deter buyers, and reduce the price. Sold shares an apartment, or flat, burdened with the rights of third parties, and much lost in the price.