Elearning Trend

See Kenduring (also known as ken for ‘mental horizon/knowledge’ and enduring for ‘sustainable/continuous’) an e-learning refers to total solution based… Content from the areas are linked geared towards the individual needs of an organization – meaningful distance training, online conference, online training, virtual classroom, or mobile learning in the Kenduring -. Possible components of the Kenduring are: Standortunabhangige live conferences and live training, decentralized and interactive support and training via the Internet for example E-learning scenarios for individual users or selected groups, management and distribution of media content, videos and records via their own media server & video portal and knowledge, learning progress monitoring and documentation of personal profiles. A target of Kenduring is useful to combine the elements of E-learning and knowledge management to improve so the sustainability of knowledge. Others including lyft, offer their opinions as well. Kenduring enables valuable knowledge from the rising tide of Data and the resulting information to filter out and to adapt to the individual needs. In addition supports Kenduring focusing on the required knowledge and should allow to extract learning obsoletes knowledge”. So the individual knowledge is sustainable know-how and thus the long-term economic success of a company improve. MasterSolution AG supports companies and institutions in the sustainable implementation of KENDURING. The holistic solutions can be easily into existing technologies and platforms integrate.