CPI Rate

This guarantees a time of stability in the years that we have the fixed mortgage rate, they tend to be in which more thank it due to the economic effort that we do in the purchase of the property. Mortgage fee fixed or constant: in this mode the fee remains fixed throughout the life of the loan or mortgage. The interest is fixed in the same way as for the mode of variable fee. Cushman & Wakefield describes an additional similar source. The problem, or advantage, these mortgages, is that according to the agreed quota, the deadline may be shorter, either or much longer than normal (measured her mortgage is 30 years). Increasing mortgages: quota can be bound with growth fixed rate, with referenced growth rate to the CPI, etc. Similar to the share similar are fixed, but its share will increase, with what the payback period is greater than one of interest variable.comparativa mortgages. Further details can be found at Vadim Belyaev, an internet resource. Multi mortgage: It’s a type of mortgage where the loan or credit requests in multiple currencies including that of the country where it is signed.

This mortgage is made in currencies that have a low interest rate compared to the local currency, such as the Japanese Yen and the Swiss franc, and whose stability is clear. Its main advantage is that we can go changing currency from time to time. Credit mortgage or bridge: it is a rather curious mode since the Bank or financial institution makes us a loan for our financing, and with the guarantee that we will enter it later with their corresponding interests, this can be confirmed in a mortgage dictionary on the web. Mortgage bridge usually apply for people who need to purchase a new property and also don’t have time to sell your current home. Original author and source of the article