Commercial Real Estate Network

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These words have become the leitmotif of the conversation with the assistant manager Ltd. "The network of commercial real estate," Lyudmila PR Department, I believe, accurately characterize the activity of the company for eight years turned from a small enterprise in one of the largest organizations of the Kirov. – Ludmila, the number of agencies and real estate agents in our city is growing before our eyes, and professionals in their units. What criteria do you follow when selection of staff in your company? – Personnel matters – the traditional fate of many organizations. In "The network of commercial real estate" is a line of figures as a priority and strategically important. Many real estate agents, applicants for jobs, come to us without much experience, but experience shows that post-training and the first deal they have the desire and the desire to work. Then they become real professionals. As the saying goes, "skills are born in the experience." – What is the scope of the manager? What are the pros and cons of this work can be distinguished? – As you know, real estate professionals (Realtors) are fed feet …

But some people still think that the customers themselves to come and take care of the transaction. This is wrong: Mohammed must go to the mountain, but not vice versa. As for the qualities … In my opinion, the main feature person working with clients – it's sociability. The manager should be subtle psychologist, have qualities such as attentiveness, accuracy, ability to handle stress as well as work in this area difficult and nervous.

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