3. In all of the lunar images are no stars, though in the lunar sky, they should shine much brighter than the Earth. 'Debunkers' lunar fraud' believe that simulate the real picture of the sky conditions during the pavilion was too difficult, so a simple star 'removed'. 4. Shadows from the objects to the Moon to be one source of light – the sun should break out during the one side, for some shadows and pictures thrown in several directions, as if like a special lighting, which could be present at the booth to shoot, but certainly not in the moon. 5.

Large doubtful equipment to shoot, enjoyed the astronauts. Some researchers believe the whole, as it was in no way be able to withdraw, while others pay interest for the absence shake the frame which is characterized by low to shoot the camera with hands. In general, converge in some opinion surveys that were conducted in a professional large-size equipment for a second time but in the pavilion. It is only just any evidence given for a confirmation of how many Americans no landing in the moon does not. Generally yes but various incidents of inconsistencies with the photos and film documents There are more than a dozen, and they are serious procedures. Cause mistrust still clumsy attempts by NASA experts in this case, a way to explain noted by meticulous researchers 'pinholes'. Thus, variations They explained the existence of the flag of a special motor. But there is no motor for the pictures are not visible, but even if he hardly existed.