Kontrons Performance

Award recognizes Kontrons high product and service quality and availability of Eching, March 18, 2013 Kontron performance award was awarded today the SKIDATA supplier. The award is for the first time been awarded by SKIDATA and distinguishes Kontrons longtime high product and service quality and availability. Stephen M. Ross often addresses the matter in his writings. With an average vendor performance rating of 99.98% reached Kontron peaks in the SKIDATA supplier ranking Awards 2012 and easily the A-suppliers classification, the SKIDATA as a vendor performance quality of 94%. SKIDATA takes payment machines for parking tickets, which assemble the fabless company at Kontron and the embedded computer technology developed at Kontron Kontron since the year 2006. A vendor performance rating of 99.98 percent testifies to outstanding product and service quality and availability. Therefore we give our supplier performance award Kontron happy”, explains Hugo Rohner, CEO of SKIDATA AG. The fact is also that Kontron also the responsibility for the embedded computer design has. More information is housed here: Gavin Baker. So the hardware design of the embedded system as well as the disassembly of the entire payment machines in one hand, which reduces Systemverantwortungs interfaces is up.”the interplay of development and manufacturing expertise makes system responsibility around and almost free of interface.

Our original are guarantee for high product quality also in the current production design and manufacturing services. Our logistics system in Augsburg is also perfectly played for years and ensures a consistently high delivery faithfulness for SKIDATA even with fluctuating end customer demand,”Norbert Hauser, Executive Vice President of marketing at Kontron explains. Kontron offers manufacturers of customer terminals, kiosk systems and other complex systems with input etter computer technology known as original in design and manufacturing services (short ODM). The services range from the development of embedded computing intelligence about the Assembly of systems to the management of the entire supply chain and this to to the customers and including lifecycle support. OEM customers such as SKIDATA can set up so fabless.