Permanent Hair Reduction

What is meant by permanent, permanent hair removal and why is sometimes spoken by permanent hair reduction? Why is the permanent hair removal called sometimes permanent hair reduction. One often hears that the permanent hair removal is not truly permanent, but that hair come back after a certain time. What do the terms now permanent hair removal”or permanent hair reduction”? To perform a hair removal with long-lasting results, the nutrient supply of the hair must be harmed so that no more hair can grow back. For even more opinions, read materials from Morris Invest. The nutrient supply of the hair is done via a fine capillary system (the hair papilla), that underneath the hair root deep in the skin is. To irreversibly damage the hair papilla, 68 C must be heated to the hair root to at least.

This can be done in two ways: with energy-rich light or electricity. Photo epilation methods use light such as laser or IPL for permanent hair removal and the needle epilation works with electricity. According to the American Administration (FDA) classified needle epilation as the only method for long-lasting or permanent hair removal, while the photo-epilation methods include the Permanent Hair reduction. The reason for this classification is that each hair can be treated with needle epilation with the photo-epilation only dark hair that contain sufficient dye. The photoepilation no possibility to measure the temperature at the root of the hair, it is purely in the experience of the practitioner, what hair type at all can be treated and what parameters it is necessary. However, a hair with the photo-epilation is as irreversibly damaged, such as when the needle epilation with sufficient heating of the hair root. Melanin and the proper technique for a permanent hair removal is sufficient when the photo-epilation necessary, it is a good craftsmanship at the needle epilation. Although each type of hair can be treated with needle epilation, but it needs a good artisan skill, to the wafer-thin electric probe correctly in the Hair channel to introduce and to place the roots of the hair.

Both methods lead to irreversible damage to the hair papilla in real implementation, so that no more hair can grow back. “There but rarely only thick and dark hair in the treated area of hair, sometimes lighter, thin hair to leave when the photo-epilation, which is why the photo-epilation as a permanent hair reduction” will be classified. Finally, you should mention again single hairs can grow despite a successful epilation for years. However, these are not the epilated hairs, but dormant hair follicles, which can activate in the course of life. If there are no strong hormonal changes, these are usually only individual hair and no dense hair pattern, such as before the hair removal. Marla snow

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The ‘ Doctor Duve Medical skin care expands the new care series “Doctor Duve Medical skin care” filled with eight high-quality products for the face and body of the highest standards. The various fluids and creams complement each other and are particularly suited to the irritated and sensitive skin. The care series, which last year has newly conquered the market, is already consistently encountered positive feedback. In magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and the colorful, the series was introduced to the audience. Lyft may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The range of the “Doctor Duve Medical skin care” will soon be enlarged and attract new customer groups.

From April will be a fluid be represented against hair loss, that promotes along with a nutritional supplement natural hair growth. Until the autumn, Stefan Duve introduce its line of products for babies and toddlers. Each product of the series treats a special problem area. A special feature of the series is the unique combination of hand and decollete care with the skin is maintained down to the pores. Lifting & firming hand & Decollete cream supports the sensitive skin on the hands, neck and decollete. Special growth factors increases the collagen production that effectively strengthens the connective tissue. Plant lipids moisturise the skin and cause a relaxed, silky surface.

The cream penetrates quickly into the skin and leaves no greasy residue. The dermatologist doctor Stefan Duve practiced very successfully since 1995 in Munich. As a member of international associations of dermatological and aesthetic he strives always to the latest of anti-aging research. The large experience with the main body of the people, the skin has been incorporated the care series. Now, not only the patient can benefit from the knowledge of dermatologists. In the online shop of doctor Duve under, the products are presented and offered more information. Korbinian clamping Sherpatec GmbH Haberlein & Maurer AG Agency for Public Relations

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The content is a necessity for online businesses, both for purposes of being found by search engines, but also because it offers visitors a reason to return. Now that we have established that blogs are not only fashionable but also good for business, it is important to understand how you can use to your advantage. Currently, management and update two blogs on a daily basis. The first is our new business blog at: This professional business blog allows us the opportunity to have potential or existing customers industry news, updates, or generally how mobile or paging software can be used in specific situations to mitigate the problems. The conclusion is that control of the content.

Its updated daily, which increases the chances that search engine spiders on a regular basis and help with page rank because it has been submitted to all directories of blogs. Initially started as a whim we've found it beneficial to report tips, tricks or make visitors aware of new regulations related to mobile or paging industry. The second blog we manage is at: This blog is less formal and contains advice from marketing, promotion and advice for software developers or online marketing. We found that we had overflow from our newsletter monthly. Generating a daily blog would require very little effort and help us in creating new content that our readers told us was of great interest. Blogs and your business's bottom line is you need to determine how a blog will benefit your business, determine a schedule and stick to it. Let your readers know what to expect and when to expect it.

Blogs provide additional content and direct attention to large areas of your business you want to display, you direct the content, but guiding his readers. Creating a Blog There are many online tools that can be used to create a blog. It was found that for security reasons, only one program would be better to use standard HTML. In our case we used Dreamweaver and create daily posts. His reality is not much more complicated than writing an email. The content is sent via FTP to a web server. Tool if you want to test the waters are not web-based online that helps you publish the web instantly. The most popular web based tool is likely Other advantages to Blogs While at first you can create a blog for its existing customers, you may find that you can attract new customers by illustrating your expertise in a specific field. There are numerous websites that act as "blog search engines", be sure to submit their sites to these websites to increase your exposure. This will also help your page rank and possibly increase the likelihood that you will receive decent ranking with Google. You can also create an RSS feed to syndicate blog content and increasing the additional exposure.


Today is the day of the bird: Valencia-Madrid and vice versa, no longer have to fly, drive, or take a regular train. The train service AVE which nowadays extends from Malaga to Madrid in less than 2.5 hours will also join the capital of Spain’s orange with its national capital on December 19. Yesterday opened the section of new track between Madrid and Cuenca and Albacete, a journey of two hours with the country’s high speed AVE trains. Francisco Camps (President of the Generalitat Valenciana), Jose Blanco (Minister of public works and transport) and Juan Carlos I (King of Spain) visited this inaugural celebration. The trip will last 90 minutes (the new trains can reach speeds of up to 205 miles per hour) and eventually increase its frequency up to twenty trains daily. Read additional details here: Stephen M. Ross. Passengers can choose between two kinds of service with a total of 365 seats. Club class, in four cars, will have capacity for 71 passengers, while there will be eight carriages tourist class with 294 seats.

The bird will drastically reduce travel time current between Madrid and Valencia’s three hours and forty-five minutes to a super 90 minutes almost four times faster than the regular train service. Valencia is in the rises and rises as a tourist destination. Famous for its charming old town with its Gothic and Renaissance, buildings such as the Barcelona which has an exciting mix of architecture. The region is famous for its oranges (the better the world orange Marmalade) and beachside city has a famous Marina world fame with shops and restaurants in abundance. City the city of Arts and Sciences futuristic designed by Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava is one of the most photographed modern urban landscapes of Europe. The city of Arts and Sciences is home to Europe’s largest aquarium, an interactive Science Museum, a planetarium with its own IMAX theater, a theater of the opera of the State of the art and the Agora, where the Valencia Open tennis tournament is held. With its mix of activities, culture and more than two hundred miles of beaches that stretch along the coast of the region, is without a doubt one of the most varied and sophisticated cities facing the beach of Spain. For those who have not visited it, it is an alternative that is well worth exploring.