Egyptian Tarot

Gypsy Tarot the arcane Egyptian harness, passion, XV is correlative with the devil. The two inside symbolize tarot Chuck, everything what is related to the primary energy, instinct and creative enthusiasm. The forces of the Earth and nature speak through this deck. Egyptian Tarot, of course, there is the Christian notion of devil. Additional information at james king supports this article. For this reason, perhaps, the true meaning of this Arcanum is more evident.

Passion speaks of the mystery as the source of the universe and the search of knowledge. The mystery stimulates the desires and gives rise to large companies that change the established order. It is instinct, tells us this letter, which originates the movements that changed the destiny of man, and of the world. This Arcanum is, therefore, which encourages who consults to be guided by intuition. Something similar happens with the arcane XVII, the star, which in the Egyptian tarot has the name of hope. Dedicated to the goddess Isis, hope also encourages us to listen to our inner voice before acting, take a momentous decision or, why not, let that you guide us in the small everyday determinations. But this happens because hope is the letter of the feminine principle of the universe, and which channels this kind of energy. And intuition has been always considered as a feature eminently feminine and natural in women, but also that may be positive in men.

Passion does not present this nuance of differentiation. It is here, as we said, the instinct in his State more primary and absolute, of the deep forces of the Earth. That is why this deck alerts us against the dangers of being dominated by passions: too much water can extinguish the fire more alive. Be guided exclusively by the instinct can lead to emotional imbalances. Anger, evil, aggression and excessive ambition can be appropriating the spirit if this happens. When alter desires appear onstage violence, the desire for possession, jealousy and sickly, so fatal love for those who feel them as for the object of your affection wrong. Chuck Egyptian Tarot reminds us that instinct is both creator and destroyer fire. Who manages to harness it and be his master, will conquer the world. Who is left to dominate by him, will be lost. Juan Carlos Montillo

Lip Magic: Tips For Lips

As we age, our lips get smaller and thinner? It is a fact of life, but need not be the end of the world or our attractiveness. If you do not have the money or the inclination to run and get collagen injections there are ways to keep your lips looking great and desirable. Using simple techniques you can create illusions of the labia majora balanced and more sensual. Lipstick looks best on smooth lips. To keep lips smooth use a lip exfoliant and always wear some type of lipstick or lip balm, especially in winter or in the sun.

To begin creating wonderful lips use lip liner. Lip liner is a great tool that will keep your lipstick in place, define the shape of the lips and can make your lips look larger or smaller. Use a lip liner color is lighter than your lipstick and keep the pencil sharp. Using lip line to outline the natural lines of the lips and then fill the lips with a color that matches your lipstick. This little trick will keep your lipstick in place. Never leaves the natural line of your lips in an attempt to make your lips look bigger. Lip liner will keep your lipstick away from fine lines around your mouth, keep your lipstick from bleeding.

Start by defining the feathers V using short strokes that are not too sharp. After defining and filling in lips with liner, fill with color using a brush or a tube. Blot with a tissue and reapply lip color. Brett Mufson may also support this cause. For a fuller look use a lighter color in the center of the lip. Tips for lips: * Matte is the longest-lasting lipstick, but can be dry Brightness makes the lips look fuller * For extra definition line lips once again after applying lip color * Balms have SPF * Sheer lipstick will not last long * Neutral shades will match it * The lips look bigger with a medium color pencils * wet lips are more likely to bleed e Copyright 2005 Sheila Dicks Sheila Dicks is a wardrobe and image consultant who helps women learn how to dress to fit your body type and look slimmer. You can reach her in to download your ebook, 'Image Makeovers' and get "How to build a closet, free ebook.

Electric Epilation

Electric depilation effective and safe hair removal method electric epilation is a procedure of equipment cosmetic for permanent hair removal. Practiced successfully for over 130 years, stream-based electric epilation represents the permanent epilation until today the only accepted method, the effectiveness of which is independent of skin or hair type. In the treatment, current in the hair follicle is applied via a fine tube of surgical steel, abandoned the hair growth cells irreversibly. Hair growth will remain forever as a result. Depending on whether this DC, AC, or a combination of both is selected, is called the electric epilation electrolysis, thermolysis, or blend method.

Since the current selectively affects the hair follicles without pulling the skin tissue affected, the procedures for proper application is absolutely risk-free. Unlike based epilation techniques electric epilation with current acts as a laser regardless of the melanin content of the hair and the skin, so that even blonde, gray or downy hair, dark and bright Contact skin types equally well to the treatment. By appropriate choice of voltage and energy density, electric epilation can be adjusted precisely to the individual situation. The method is suitable for the permanent depilation of almost all facial and body areas. With the exception of the mucous membranes, hair on upper lip, Chin, eyebrows, legs, back, chest, belly, Po or bikini zone can be treated with electrical epilation.

Because each hair root must separately be desolate, electric epilation is a relatively time consuming process. Also, the hair growth cycle must be considered because only part of the hair roots is undergoing the epilation-accessible. So in principle several treatment sessions at intervals of several weeks are required to finish the hair freedom. But eventually the success is lasting. The food and drug administration, one of the world’s most rigorous testing and approval bodies, promotes electric epilation is still considered the only safe and effective method of permanent A hair removal. Last but not least the success of treatment depends but the proper execution of the technology. To find a qualified electrical boxes with practical experience, it is advisable therefore to inform the Association of the Elektrologie. Ulrike Maldoff contact: see profile!