Cash Flows: The Essence And Concept

Cash flows. First we want to tell you where did the term "cash flow" and what it means. Generally this concept and coined the continued use of Robert in his books, but to tell the truth, the rich have always used cash flows for their own enrichment, he just gave it a name. What is cash flow – the movement of funds. But if simple, then for the rich no matter how many they have on hand the money (as opposed to poor, for whom it is important to the amount of money in his hands), most important to them both. What is the cash flow from their investments, as they are able to distinguish the true values of values, namely in times of crisis it is evident that is the true value (real estate, etc.) and what is , for example money, they are rapidly becoming cheaper. But if you talk about the practice, it is to see of what you can get positive cash flow, and where you will have some losses, it is great art, and is called financial literacy. Maybe you all think the theory and you think it impossible, but we want you to say that much that is considered impossible suschesttvuet in real life. And finally the question: Would you 20-25 years to live on a pension? If your answer is yes, then quickly close this site and visit him no more. Otherwise, a sudden something happens impossible? :))