Cash Flows: The Essence And Concept

Cash flows. First we want to tell you where did the term "cash flow" and what it means. Generally this concept and coined the continued use of Robert in his books, but to tell the truth, the rich have always used cash flows for their own enrichment, he just gave it a name. What is cash flow – the movement of funds. But if simple, then for the rich no matter how many they have on hand the money (as opposed to poor, for whom it is important to the amount of money in his hands), most important to them both. What is the cash flow from their investments, as they are able to distinguish the true values of values, namely in times of crisis it is evident that is the true value (real estate, etc.) and what is , for example money, they are rapidly becoming cheaper. But if you talk about the practice, it is to see of what you can get positive cash flow, and where you will have some losses, it is great art, and is called financial literacy. Maybe you all think the theory and you think it impossible, but we want you to say that much that is considered impossible suschesttvuet in real life. And finally the question: Would you 20-25 years to live on a pension? If your answer is yes, then quickly close this site and visit him no more. Otherwise, a sudden something happens impossible? :))

Karl Marx Property

This type of property no luck, since the development of human society required a mass conversion to form "composite work" in the words of Karl Marx. One of them was capitalism, others – socialism. The question of transition small producers directly to socialism still remains controversial in science, but it is obvious that the decisive argument in favor of such a transition can only be economic arguments – an advantage in pace improve productivity in the first place. At first glance it may seem that it is only the replacement of labels: "row" to "property", etc. The real question is much more serious, might not require a change of label, and shift in emphasis, and this implies, and a very important practical consequences. First of all, avoiding the use of concepts of individual and collective property rights in cases where it actually exists (Earth – in the possession and use of the collective farms, apartments – in the possession and use of citizens, etc.), we eliminate the legal basis for imposing liability for the safety of public property to owning and using them to private individuals – ie, the pin losses from property damage caused by it to the state as a whole, thus violating his rights as the ultimate owner of all means of production in socialist society. If, however, recognize that the means of production and other assets are transferred to producers in the operational ownership under the guarantee of their full responsibility to society as a whole, the charge compensation of possible damage immediately and definitely will be assigned to producers – up to research from the loss of their personal income and property.

Mortgage Loan For An Apartment In Moscow

Banking institutions in order to minimize its risk in the early months of the crisis have been forced to change the terms of lending. Were significantly increased dimensions of the initial contribution (up to 30% -50%) and interest rates mortgages for apartments in Moscow, in addition, banks have to lend 50% -70 -% of the price, not the 90% -100%, as before. This led to the fact that the number of families that can afford Mortgages, declined sharply, despite the fact that the cost of apartments in Moscow for the last year has not changed. According to the Central Bank, the credit system of buying property in Moscow for the first five months of the current the year 2741 took the buyer (the total loan amount – 7.3 billion rubles). Expert on growth strategy may find this interesting as well. Whereas in the past year, almost the same number of credits – 2176 – been issued monthly. It makes sense to take the credit if the dwelling is not acquired for the purpose resale, and to stay, given the fact that potential buyers are able to accumulate the amount of several million rubles for a down payment. On the background of the fallen of income for most Russians Mortgage lending can hardly be considered the best option of buying an apartment in Moscow. The reality is that to issue a mortgage loan today can be a family, the monthly gross income that is not less than 150,000 rubles, and at the same solvent family members believe that in the future of their revenues dwindle..