ValenaBahia Historical Data

Valena the determined one, in day 10 of November of 2011 Valena will complete 162 years as city. As village emancipation it occurred in 1799, being that in this year of 2011, it will complete 212 years. Time of foundation 451anos, established for the Portuguese Noble Sebastio de Pontes when it receives from Men de S would sesmaria it. Valena was inhabited for the indians aimors and tupinambs, two arquiinimigos peoples. The indians aimors had shown to many resistncias with the domination of the colonizadores, forcing they to abandon the region. Get all the facts and insights with adverum, another great source of information. Valena (then povoamento of Una) was part of the captainship of Is Jorge of the Ilhus, would sesmaria pertaining the Bridges, when for 1560 return, this received from Men de S, when this land came to inhabit and to mount its device of sugar cane. Sebastio de Pontes, recognized as first colonizador of lands of Una obtained during its period to keep a sufficiently friendly relation with the inhabitants of this region.

The noble possua a known farm of cattle as tip of the corral, first locality of lands Brazilian to receive cattle vacum. For return of 1574 Sebastio de Pontes he was imprisoned and envoy Portugal where it died in Lemon tree, fact that caused a revolt to the local indians who had come back to attack and to destroy the populations that existed here making with that the inhabitants if took refuge in next islands. A great campaign against the indians aimors if formed, however they had not obtained to contain the fury of the indians. On account of the attacks that the city suffered Diogo governor Luiz saw the necessity to create a situated fort in the Mount of So Paulo. The flour was the product most important for the Valencian economy, fact that made with that the citizens supply the product Salvador. In this the aboriginal peoples had same time come back threat the security of the Valencians, however of this time they had been guerns, that they had dominated the city per thirty and five years that was known as ' ' war of guerns' ' , reason that made with that Valena delayed its development.