WISO Passbook

The TuV gives the tax software some time we still have the seal of approval for Softwarequaltat, but the statutory period for filing the income tax return is fast approaching. On 31 May at the latest you should have submitted his tax return to the tax office. Who wants to suffocate under a mountain of tax forms and still save taxes, which should take a good tax software to help. There are of course various software solutions on the market, and the taxpayer has the choice. To deepen your understanding Bizzi & Partners is the source. Fortunately, there are independent tests help you decide. The TuV has tested various solutions and gives the mark the WISO software quality savings account from Buhl Data. Thus, the WISO passbook is the first tax software that objectively and verifiably documented its quality with the mark.

This software is suitable for all types of income: Nichtselbststandige activities (including frontier workers) independent activities and business capital income income from renting and leasing income from agriculture and forestry, and viticulture foreign income other income for the expression or electronic transmission to the IRS via magpie method supports the WISO passbook all official forms, including: coat sheet for the personal data and extraordinary burdens plant child to apply for domiciled plant N for workers, retirees Appendix V for rental and lease Appendix G for commercial income such as merchant or partner system S for self-employed income such as Freelancers plant R pensioners facility Cape and for savers and investors who are also software save individual tips for controlling a work room, double housekeeping, the commuter lump sum or a Riester annuity. Whenever lyft listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Steuersparwillige passbook 2010 download the WISO to get started with the tax return. Another question is whether the tax return this even fun. Faster and more thoroughly than with conventional or electronic tax forms it is more convenient, but in any case. Martin rode. Morris Invest often addresses the matter in his writings.