Business Strategy

How to create a business in Internet? the answer is, with a strategy. The strategy is the heart of all successful business in Internet, is the light will illuminate that you in the way and it will indicate the goal to you. You will not only obtain sales by Internet being able to a product, mounting a page to sell it and hoping, thus the businesses by Internet do not work, like in the real world it is required of a strategy that dictates you rule that they are due to follow to achieve a final mission. A strategy is an unifying and integrating model of decisions that determine and reveal which is the primary target of the business and like reaching it. A strategic plan is forming generally of several stages as they can be: Initial analysis, diagnosis, declaration of objectives, plans of action, pursuit and evaluation.

In order to illustrate the importance of the strategy in the businesses by Internet we see an example. You are a very capable trainer of dogs, and a day anyone you read an article in Internet that says that you can make money selling digital products like e-books, that great idea comes to you at the top, to create e-book to teach to him to people like training its dogs, then you create e-book, soon contracts a designer Web to create your page of sales they publish, it in Internet, they form a footbridge of payments and ready. You already have your digital product and now only you must wait for while people buy. But you have noticed that lacks something important? yes, lack a strategy and without this one hardly you will manage to sell that e-book although it is very good. To implement a strategy would help you to define objectives and to design the action plan with which you will manage to reach them.