In previous articles I have explained the history of the Jott, its history and some recipes to create tasty and healthy dishes with this curious fruit, but why should we eat Jott?, would in that case this indicated?and what benefits does?. As you already know, the Jott is a variety of the persimmon which comes from the astringency of the classic khaki removal therefore has very similar properties, therefore it is a fruit with a high content of glucose and fructose, providing energy to our body reserves, and on the other hand has a low content in proteins and fats making it a healthy food. In addition the Jott is a source of vitamin C and A. Its intense colour betrays as a fruit with a high content in antioxidants, substances listed to prevent degenerative diseases and cell disorder. The consistency of the Jott to be soluble fiber promotes gastrointestinal transit and the absorption of nutrients and foods during this process, so it It is suitable as food star for cases of diarrhea and colitis due to its astringent effect. Like also orange carrot, it has beneficial properties for the vision. Finally say due to its content in calcium also is indicated for children and people who want to prevent loss of calcium in the future (as in the case of women) since their ingestion strengthens bones. As you can see, the Jott has numerous benefits for health and personal well-being, and eating this variety of persimmons year-round, can be so pleasant for your mouth as beneficial to your vitality and health. With all these nutritious properties and their taste is almost impossible to resist this so innovative and tasty fruit which we hope you may discover a little more in our blog about the Jott.

Association Loan

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