Harvest says in them: ' ' One of the problems of our time is the use of speeches that are propagated as universal. Where singular has the achatamento of saying, the gesture and the personal language of Another one has abuse of being able. Thus the paper of the therapist is not to give codes of behaviors, to teach what it is right or wrong, allowed or forbidden, but he is that one that if places next to the demand of the patient stops with it nominating in the possible measure do, with its personal language, its history of life, its existencial pain, its human destination. History in the sample in its movement, that it is constructed through the singularidades. It can be said that the great theories, doctrines and conquests, always have something very singular. The proper religions have its founder; exactly that if it knows that was all a movement, a history to arrive itself where was arrived. As example if it can evidence: The Isl also has its founder, Maom. The buddhism with Buddha, the Christianity we have Jesus Christ.

Who can deny that It was the great singularity of the history of the humanity. Perhaps let us can say that it was because of the proper singularity? It is possible, therefore its history of life points in this direction. Let us see: in the time of Jesus it had some groups: Essnios, Fariseus, Zelotas, group of Joo Baptist. Distanciou even of the proper family, it was many times tachado of blasphemer, to act by means of ' ' belzebu' ' , to inflict the law of Saturday, of to pardon sins where God was only who could; to only illustrate. But it did not follow no group; for the opposite he called new followers and he established its community. The result already is known; very it was not seen, he was died well and crucificado.

Gunnar Vingren

In Brazil the consequence of the Livening of the Street Azusa assumed peculiar contours. The seeds of Brazilian the pentecostal experience in ground had started to be sown in 1911 when, motivated for a vision missionary, Daniel Berg and Gunnar Vingren, had disembarked in the port of Belm, Par. Swedish of birth and Americans for the experience of the baptism in the Espirito Santo, Berg and Vingren had faced great difficulties in the North of the country. Either for the proper vicissitudes that the change for a new nation provides, either for the profits and persecutions that had suffered in the execution of the task that God grants to them, the beginning of the pentecostal work in this side of the continent were sofrvel. Professor Rita McGrath has much experience in this field. It is of this unconditional obedience to the voice of God who was born the Assembly of God in Brazil.

Pioneer of the classic pentecostalismo became it bigger pentecostal denomination of Brazil and the world. Since the initial efforts of our pioneers, the Assembly of God comes, gradual, constructing its identity and galgando considerable spaces in religious context Brazilian e, throughout some decades, if legitimizing as depositary of a solid doctrine Christian-pentecostal, balanced, coherent e, above all, honest with the Biblical principles. Today, more than what never, while representative majoritria of the classic pentecostalismo, the Brazilian Assembly of God blunts as guard, and therefore, referencial, of the fundantes principles of the pentecostal experience in this side of America. She is necessarily this vanguard position, and the respeitabilidade that the denomination almost conquered in this a history century, that has been hit for the agency that, above all, she is manager of a significant parcel of the literature-representative one of the pentecostal theology, and official spokesman of the thought Biblical-theological-doctrinaire of the Assembly of God in Brazil: the CPAD. When at the end of the year last launching the Bible of Dake Study, the House Publisher of the Assemblies of God not only launched in the Brazilian publishing market plus a literary composition, injected in the veins of the proper denomination a virus capable to mine of the almost centennial Assembly of God the representative legitimacy of the Brazilian Biblical-pentecostal theology, a time that the ideas defended for Finis Jennings Dake does not represent, nor of far, the doctrinal thought of the denomination, either American or Brazilian.

Cautious Man

The corpse had disarranged the smile and was as before. Philadelphia Condominiums addresses the importance of the matter here. The doctor verified vital signals and he did not find no evidence of life. – I have certainty that vi this man to smile professor! It seems nonsense, but it is truth! – Impossible He is died has years! He sees you yourselves Z: He was not formol it would be decomposed. Half encabulado, the young folloied its master disconnect itself for a little of that strange corpse. The lesson followed with the too much bodies in the hall; the intent pupils and Cautious feeling itself enter the cross and the sword.

After all who wants to be victim of chacota? Still more in anatomy lesson? But the curiosity of the Z was visceral; it attracted something it to that deceased. In fifteen minutes it there was: made use to unmask alone the biggest mystery of science. He thought, he looked at corpse pro and, at last, he exclamou trembling: – Hearing one is me, smiles! What the man answered smiling, of this time, with the surprising gesture to open the eyes and to aim Cautious Z. This, in state of shock and when making mention to go again to the search of the connoisseur, hears of the pseudo-dead: – It does not have fear! I am not badly! But I do not find good that it looks the connoisseurs. They do not go to believe you. For they I died exactly.

Some only perceive that I did not die. You are one of them! Cautious Z, still incredulous, decided to accept dialogue it continued: – But to place they go you in a refrigerator to dissecar, you and – They do not go not! They always preserve me whole number to jeer pra me. She heard while it, Cautious she did not perceive the approach of one of its colleagues who exactly the certain distance heard the man to speak.

National Hymn

To be able to brighten up the fidget and the discomfort of the Christians and power of some form to explain this so huge fact of history we initiate saying that the history of Adam and Eva is true, without a doubt, but it does not have to be understood literally. For example, when we sing the National Hymn when speaking that Brazil is ' ' lying perpetual in cradle esplndido' ' , nobody goes to think that an enormous cradle exists in which Brazil is lying. But through this poetical language, the author of the hymn states a truth: the Brazilians live inside of a magnificent, comparable territory to the cradle where if he puts a child. Thus, also the Bible uses concrete symbols to explain things spirituals that we cannot see. He says that God formed the man of the dust of the land and insuflou in its nostrils a life blow (Gn 2,7).

But we do not intend that if it believes that God has hands as we stop shape an image and that the blow of its mouth gave life to an adobe statue. This is only one way to say, used in the Bible, to disclose very deep truths on our life. It wants to say in first place that we are created by God: our existence is a gratuitous gift of it. We do not exist by chance, nor we are owners of our life, we receive but it from God. It created in them to its image and similarity (Gn 1,27), in a love gesture, stops in them communicating its happiness. We are happy to the measure who we recognize God as creative and thus also we collaborate with its plan so that he reigns justice and the peace in all the family human being. The Biblical history of the creation of the world still contains many important truths for our life.


In the truth, nobody likes to be olvidado, to fall in the ostracism. To bring to the memory somebody that in them is very wanted is something that exceed the limits of our love, if is that the love has limits; e, equally, to be in the memory of that truily it wants in them well, is the height of our fondness. I was created in Orphanage and I visited other orphanages, leprosrios and retirement homes, therefore I perfectly know the value of a souvenir Who meets prisoner curls to be remembered more than everything in this life. A letter, a telegram, or mere recommendations can make the difference. as they make! A phone call, then, nor if speaks! one visits? Ah, for the prisoner it does not have nothing more valuable of what the visit of somebody! The physical contact is the apex of a souvenir.

Who to want really to remember somebody, demonstrates this fondness personally It is not in vain that the Sacred Holy Writs command our souvenir to the poor persons, patients, prisoners, orphans and widowers (Mt.25: 35,36; Hb.13: 3; Tg.1: 27). Salutares souvenirs Why are essential they? Consonant the heading of this article, as well as we ask for the Jesus to remember us, It also asks for to us our souvenir to it: ‘ ‘ She also remembers to you of your Creator in the days of your youth, before they come the bad days, and arrive the years where you will say: I do not have pleasure in them. ‘ ‘ (Ec.12: 1) Evidently that nobody wants to be remembered by God only there for as much, in well advanced age already. In the same way, God does not want that only let us remember in them it when we will be arrimados in a cane.