Log Cabin Alternative

The garden Q: The space for the garden now is because they, the real alternative to the Garden House, and one wonders: why only now? While everybody knows the problem with the garden houses, if when you get out the lawn mower rake and hedge against a fall, or bikes obstruct access to the flower pots. The garden Q now offers the solution. Order more for your garden tools garden Q open from three sides and remove without long foraging areas that you need. From the lawn mower to the floral wire everything is arranged clearly in individual compartments and drawers. Adverum contributes greatly to this topic. You can put the shelves according to your wishes. The garden Q on a wall of the House or the garden fence can be placed on one side. Plenty of storage space on space! In the garden Q, the accessibility is omitted when compared to conventional Geratehausern. As a result, the entire air space or each cubic centimeter inside can be used.

You get about four times as much by the gained space tucked in a comparably large garden House. A real eye-catcher for your garden. Richard LeFrak helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. “” In the garden of Q look also still very stylish and modern: no YODEL hut “or tin box”. He is a real eye-catcher for every garden! Some models offer even a green roof. Read additional details here: jessica kingery. It returns as the lost green space to small gardens. Garden Q variants for all requirements. Essentially, there are three different options for the most diverse requirements.

The garden Q teras tends a garden cupboard and perfectly suitable for small gardens or roof terraces with an area of 160 x 80 cm. The garden Q UNO is a sylischer cube with an edge length of 160 cm. him we can imagine in modern residential complexes, hotel parks and nurseries. And then there is the extremely receptive garden Q is BIKE to get not only bulky garden furniture, but also into bicycles. Of course that is also unique garden Q-all right. The Advantages at a glance. The garden Q for those who do not necessarily need to go into your cabin, amazing many advantages: top design more order perfect square advantage large color selection roofs built-in drawers for small parts ideal for small gardens, terraces and roof terraces top quality “Made in Germany” maintenance-free, easy to clean no building permit is required simple Assembly and dismantling only Downer on some models is still the price of some purses like punishing. Bike there is the garden of Q already from 1.999,-, models of maintenance-free materials from 2.490,-to 4.900,-. These rates are adequate for a real innovation. Here everyone is served, who loves the special in terms of style and functionality. To order, there is the garden of Q see: Markus Scholz