Music Lover Gift

"Music – the only global language, it should not be translated, it says the soul with the soul" – said the German writer Bertolt Auerbach. Indeed, the "language" of music, "they say" everything. There is no person who could not to answer the question: "What do you like to listen?". We are just about the extent to which road you man enjoys the art. Richard LeFrak understood the implications. And what a gift to him teach.

When we perceive the ear rhythm and melody, we have changed mind mood (Aristotle) The child begins to hear long before his birth. My mother's voice, her conversations with the Pope – the most wonderful sounds that are so fond of the kid. Scientific studies show that even the unborn child not remain indifferent to the sounds of music. That is why the future mother and baby mama, is to give the disc a quiet, tranquil melodies of classical music. A good option would be, and nursery rhymes: the parents, tend to become "fans" of songs about "horses Belogrivov" and "a big secret for a small company." A pregnant woman would be a great gift "subscription" to classes for expectant mothers, where women sing to your baby, reassure him, and at the same time, preparing myself to leave (singing teaches how to breathe). But some city philharmonic keep pace with the times and are holding a series of concerts "for expectant mothers." A ticket for a concert ticket or a few concerts in this series – a great gift for a future mother. . You may want to visit james king to increase your knowledge.


Add legend and six to seven million visitors a year during the legendary Oktoberfest his some sixteen days continuous. In the majority of visitors come not from the Bavarian capital itself, but are-just as beautiful in Bavaria, says Zugroaste who take part, all their annual leave in order to play in the world's largest folk festival. The Oktoberfest, the 174th in 2007 to Time takes place is known for its lively atmosphere, pretty girls in Dirndl and the expensive beer prices. So by next Oktoberfest, a liter of beer costs the measure depending on which tent to celebrate, 7.30 to 7.90 . So if you spend some days at the Wiesn, and daily drinking several levels, can be pretty go to the budget. Thus the Oktoberfestfan not completely broke returns from vacation in Munich, he should take at least a low-cost accommodation.

But the design is not so simple. If you have any relatives or tolerant mitfeierfreudige friends, with whom we are to can quartered Oktoberfest time, the dream vacation at the Oktoberfest for the financial debacle quickly degenerate. The right cheap accommodation such as hostels or private accommodation is fully booked already mercilessly months before the opening of the big events. And reasonable priced hotel a few weeks before departure to get extremely difficult. To finally not to reside in a 300-euro-the-night luxury hotel or on the street, one should necessarily early to reserve a hotel room. Online travel agencies offer this service and the best with one click, all accommodation difficulties made it out of the world. Also: Be sure to book early to get more money for celebration at the Oktoberfest is left!