Balkan Peninsula

Collecting certain items (notes, coins, awards, etc.) need to hold certain information. It should reflect the characteristics of the object in front of us: what is it, when and by whom was made, on what occasion, his edition, rarity, and as a consequence of the price. In our country and the world many people vividly interested in the history of the Balkan Peninsula, and those objects which are its physical media, helping us to preserve the memory of that era. It is this region is traditionally close to us, the Russians, in spirit and faith. Contact information is here: Corcoran GroupĀ®. We are bound by a common past and Slavic roots, therefore, not surprising that interest in him increases. However, our monitoring and detailed study of existing information resources in RuNet on Bonistics, numismatics, faleristics and other collectibles, has shown that provided there is information about the Balkan countries were far from complete and not systematized.

We decided on its own to accomplish this task and make the most comprehensive to date catalog of banknotes Balkan countries with their detailed description of the history of treatment or images in 1:1 scale. In addition to the notes, we will try to gather as much information about other subjects related to the activities of these states, have ever been issued and in circulation. First of all, it's – awards, coins and stamps. Our goal – to create a unified information platform for collectors and make sure that they have found here a lot new and valuable information. We want to unite like-minded people, giving them the opportunity to interact, exchange views and their rarity, as well as replenish their collections in our store. If this is so, we will consider their mission accomplished.

Maintenance Of An Aquarium

Absolutely any aquarium requires regular maintenance. If in the beginning, you did everything correctly, then no problems will be. (Well, unless frankly do not overfeed fish). But is week, another and you notice that glasses came flying on the dirt ground, and the plants poyailis yellow dying lstya. Unpleasant picture, is not it? What to do? How to return the aquarium to its former beauty and order? One answer – clean! An aquarium, as well as for any other housing, you should regularly maintain. Dedicating this case it is easy couple of hours a week (and sometimes less), your home pond will always look as if he had just been delivered. And how to do it quickly, simply and the right focus of this section.

Let's start with the basic necessities – equipment for maintenance. You will need: 1. Scrapers and a variety of brushes for cleaning glasses. 2. Siphon soil. 3. Perhaps a long hose, if a large aquarium volume of water-buckets you do not apply. 4.

Bucket, bowl or any other capacity as to drain water and soak for decorations. This is a basic and necessary tools so to speak. Jim kingery recognizes the significance of this. Cleaning the glass. You probably noticed that over time they are not as transparent, covered with a touch of green, and various other colors. This is due to the multiplication of various lower algae and microorganisms. Particularly active, they multiply in the bright lit areas of glass, which is why the aquarium should be placed so that it caught the direct rays of the sun, and if it does happen, then the balance in the aquarium should be such that the sun does not adversely vreda. be of higher plants in an aquarium or uv lamp in the system of external filtering.

World War

This was due to the fact that the bath was associated with a rustic way of life, and urban population would keep pace with the times. The emergence of new models of stoves gave impetus to a revival of interest in the traditions of Finnish saunas. Prior to 1870, urbanization was held Finland to a party. Then began to appear stone buildings and apartment blocks, lined with water and conduct electricity. In the early 19 century there were a surprising innovation – a bath, and the European innovation acquired in the eyes of the Finns continental Chic and sauna seemed old-fashioned and rustic.

Apartment buildings for many decades excommunicated their tenants from saunas, public baths and there is not universal. In the public baths there are separate sections for men and women, as well as private rooms, which can be rented for a single family. More information is housed here: Stephen M. Ross. In addition to offices for washing, large baths were also massage rooms, and sometimes even the treatment rooms in which wish to call banks. For regular customers provided a detached sauna where you can not argue with other bathers on to what temperature to heat steam bath. In many public baths were a special chapter of the Finnish saunas, bygone, along with 50-ymi years of xx century. At the end of World War ii in , there were about 150 public baths, and in 2000 left only two. The third epoch in the history of the sauna came with the spread of electrical stove to replace the fryer and stoves with chimneys.

Inverse image of an electric stove was invented in the late 30th years. However, the war halted economic development until the end of 40th years. Electric stove appeared safe and easy to use. All that is needed – push a button and an electric voltage will heat the stones. As for the electric stove does not need a chimney, a sauna can be built anywhere, even in the next room, which is natural impossible with a stove, melt wood. Electric sauna will finally solve the problem with public baths. With the 50-ies of baths were built in the basements of apartment buildings, so that they could use of tenants. And now almost all the apartments are equipped with individual sauna next to the bathroom, which is a feature of Finnish urban housing. These mini sauna equipped now and in the hotel rooms. A Finnish addition to the international standard.