In Japan

I kept the em preparation for several years, as required spending it. But for this I had to refill honey solution in my precious bottle, run the re-activation and hide the drug in the refrigerator, where microorganisms are clearly samokonservirovalis. Such a procedure I've done and with the addition of the precious container of the drug "Baikal EM-1 in 100 ml package. For prolonged storage some of the least resilient organisms die, and that means interrupt the chain of transformation of organic matter necessary for the plant components. Now, when the em preparation easy to find on sale, I buy 100 ml bottles and turn them in two weeks in 5 liters of the drug, which are now at least 750 rubles. Let me not complain about the producers, but for seniors, who in 2006, "Our own party and government "has raised pensions from 88 cents a day, and in 2007 – going right on to 1r.13 cop.

that does not cover losses due to inflation, not to mention the steep rise in electricity tariffs, housing, etc. even 150-200 rubles to carve out a bottle of lean Starikovsky budget is very expensive. Necessity is the mother of invention – this slogan fit to write, where previously there were "Workers of all countries, unite!" Not connected – that's got now twist Ready use of em product has a specific sour-sweet smell. Since it was winter, I set about preparing the em compost. In Japan, the entire population of food waste collected for preparation of compost, but we not Japan, we have to think for yourself.