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In this age of nearly every suburban housing contains a fireplace. This fact is confirmed by a set of evidence: the warmth and comfort, formed by them; peculiar arrangement of the components, etc. Modern fireplaces are divided into artificial and real, in the first case they are based on the use of them and without the need for firewood. Natural fireplace in need of fuel for the fire (often – it's wood). In addition, more and more owners of private housing build in their own territory bath, there must also be heating fuel – such as coal. It is on these materials, I want to talk a little in the submitted drawings. Come on, the most important controversial issue that arises in the procurement of wood – what wood is chosen for a fireplace? In order to solve the award nuance required to understand a whole range of features of wood structure of various kinds.

As an example: dried wood ignite faster with a small amount of soot, while fresh may zakaptit fireplace and chimney, and also form a much less heat. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Nobel Laureate in Economics. Coniferous trees has a significant content of resins, because of which "shoots" at the time of ignition. Often a convenient way to dry firewood is a free work of the sun and wind – when the timber is stored on a blown space where the sun is available, but in this case, do not forget about the roof top that does not impinge Moisture is also no need to store them directly on the ground, use any stand of hemp, or of stone. Separate issue could be a purchase of wood for heating baths, often using birch species, so they are the hottest and quickly burn. A key feature of this breed may be that they create a special atmosphere and a good smell, which is quite important in the bath.

We must stress that taken on its own for preparation of wood for today and do not need. There are many companies that implement this work for you. The price of wood is very democratic, that is a good reason to exclude a handwritten procurement and entrust it to professionals. By the way, firewood delivered to your home for official vehicles in a certain form of stacked cubes for a handy application. Buy firewood delivery given the opportunity to certain organizations, which are usually located outside the city, which built special facilities for the preparation and storage timber. Another noted the company often offer to sell various kinds of Coal applicable for ignition oven both residential and industrial areas.

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The Cathedral is only a few steps away. People who rent apartments in Barcelona are often combined to visit the magnificent cathedral and the Roman road. Ramon plate BerenguerLa plate Ramon Berenguer It probably represents the most interesting architectural ensemble of Barcelona. It is located near the Via Laietana, with its imposing buildings of the 20th century. Learn more about this with Robert J. Shiller. However, it only has to go behind these monumental buildings to get a unique look at Roman and medieval Barcelona. In the plate Ramon Berenguer, named in honour of the count of Barcelona between 1096 and 1131, there is a large remaining section of the Roman wall in the 4th century.The remaining part of the plate Ramon Berenguer offers the Royal Chapel of St. Agatha, which was built in the 14th century and has some famous altarpieces of the Gothic catalan painter Jaume Huguet. Visiting these places is free.

If you are interested in other cheap offers, can also use the Barcelona Discount Card, free, offered by Apartments Barcelona Checkin. Temple of AugustoEl defense wall is all that remains of the Romans. There are also remains of the Temple of Augustus, which used to be the main sacred building of the Barcino and was dedicated to the veneration of the emperor. It was built in the 1st century d.C. and had approximately 35 meters and a width of around 17.5 meters, which is quite considerable size for a small town as it was Barcino.Para see the remains of this temple, visitors have to go to the street Paradis, in the Gothic quarter. Inside the courtyard of the building, at the end of this narrow medieval Street, four columns of the temple testify the Roman past of Barcelona.

They are nine meters high and give a good impression about the magnitude of the Temple of Augustus. Useful information all the Roman remains of Barcelona are located in the Gothic quarter. To reach the metro and buses can be used. The nearest metro stations are: Jaume I, line 4 from metro Liceu, line 3 metro Placa Catalunya, 1 metro lines and 3 for more information and opening times, see the official website of the tourist office in Barcelona.