Property In Turkey

If you decide to buy property abroad, but still do not know in what country and how to do it, then we can confidently say that Turkey is exactly what you're looking for. Under the new law, adopted in late 2005, any foreign individual can freely buy property throughout Turkey. The process of buying real estate is not very complicated, but takes a while for quite a long time. This is due to the fact that all transactions of sale, be sure to check in Ankara. To date, for foreign nationals can purchase real estate and mortgages. Loans are provided by the client in euros or dollars, for a period of 4 months to 10 years. Rates on such loans are 8.5% per annum in dollars and 8% in euros. Educate yourself with thoughts from expert on growth strategy.

The process of obtaining such a loan is fairly simple. For this contract is made on the purchase of real estate, which, together with documents confirming the ownership of the seller on this property, is already the basis for obtaining your residence permit. After that, the police issued a residence permit, and then you get a tax number of tax inspections. Also, when the paperwork required product data for the apartment, called the lawsuit. Necessarily need to provide a copy of the passport and an income statement, which should assure Russian Consulate.

Thereafter, all documents must be submitted to the bank, which will assess the value of the property you want to buy. At the moment property prices in , on the beach were around 900-1000, but you can find a home and much cheaper than from 300 to 400 euros. Good economic growth and Turkey's possible accession of Turkey into the European Union, can significantly increase since prices. In connection with You can say that now is the best time to buy a home is in Turkey.


Fibreboard – hardboard, but there are also the second name – fiberboard. Many people think that fiberboard and fiberboard are completely different things, but actually it is not. Even once I had heard that the hardboard and mdf are two identical plates, only Fibreboard is a Russian acronym, and mdf overseas, however, after such had to hang up because this is complete nonsense. But back to the title of fiberboard, the word itself is derived from the phrase "organic rock" so say encyclopedia. But if we look further, then we will find only references fiberboard and hardboard in them, as there was no way and no. Orgalita called high-density fiberboard, but besides the name "fiberboard" added index "T" that is "solid." Surely you are not persuaded, in this case, let's look at the existing guests if the search for any sources, then still we will be able to find guests fiberboard, but the fact that our found gosts on fiberboard absolutely like guests DWT: 4598-86, 8904-81 and 19592-80. According to the present, or even say scientific guests fiberboard not like most hardboard, it has only a name that reflects the jvp. Hopefully with the names now understandable.

Now, when we understood the acronyms and titles, another question arises, why do we need the hardboard? I will say this, the scope of fiberboards large, this building, and furniture production and even packaging materials. It is worth a little deeper into the scope for a clearer notion of the slab. In the construction is most often used solid fiberboard or hardboard grades nt, it is used for thermal and acoustic insulation of the roof, manufacturing floors, walls, for decoration, such as interior decoration, is often used fiberboard as a protective film, but the cons of the film is that it may tear even a small load, and fiberboard before the repair. In the furniture industry is also an indispensable part, because each of us has a home in closets, so that's basically the back wall of the enclosure or the lower part of box is in most cases, a piece of hardboard, except furniture plate used for the manufacture of interior doors. Even in many art schools are using lists of hardboard instead of canvas. As packing material, normal fiberboard also apply, as very often it is used as cushioning material.

So here we can safely say, well, that invented and invented a material such as hardboard. You certainly a question or it has occurred before it, as well as after the cabinet we have "a pretty" colorful, and the back plate plain, brown It turns out that where a fraud? Respond immediately "NO" no deception. There are two option boards, it's all the same, but a sanitized, and the second . Refined plate is – hardboard, the front layer in which the production before pressing saturated dye. I would like to make one small clarification, a plate is a smooth-sided and two-sided. Fiberboards with unilateral smoothness is one of the parties to the rough surface of the reservoir or the imprint of the transport grid and plate bilateral smoothness has the same surface roughness. I would also like to give a little advice when choosing DVPlity important to pay attention to the bundle, if the edge (edge) laminated plate, then such plate is better to set aside, in addition, try to pay attention to the whole plate in its entirety to her was not a hardened seats.

Heat Insulation

Heat and sound insulation of steel doors depends on the internal filler door itself, as well as sealing the circuit. Therefore, acquiring a steel door, you should pay attention to the material of manufacture of the filler and quality of the sealing contour. The most popular fillers are Basalt and mineral wool, polystyrene, corrugated cardboard, combined with special sound-absorbing and flame-resistant foam, etc. These materials do not support combustion, clean, conduct heat poorly. However, the cotton filler has two drawbacks due to its own weight.

Vata is somewhat heavier than foam, and therefore increases the total weight of the door. and A second drawback – it's slipping a cotton filler with time down by its own weight. As a result, the top door heat and sound noticeably worse. Foam plastic – a material more rigid and lightweight, these problems do not delivers. When you install a steel door, it is important to use a quality sealer circuit. The denser the door will fit the door frame, the better heat and sound insulation. Therefore, the sealing units must be a minimum of two (one on the perimeter of the door leaf, the second on the perimeter of the door frame), and ideally – four.

For example, just four of the contour seals have a door with improved sound and heat insulation from "Outpost". The canvas of the Doors are also filled with modern insulating materials. In particular, we are talking about such models of doors "Outpost" as 233VS, 63S, 17VK, etc. Can be used as a steel door trim and decorative panel, result of sound insulation in times increase. To prevent drafts should be carefully seal the gap between the doorframe and the wall with concrete. In general, to your apartment was always warm and quiet, today it is enough establish a quality metal door with a good sound and heat insulation. If necessary, reinforce the effect may be due to the additional installation of sealant. Although, if you really get a good door for example, from "Outpost", then tinker with seal you hardly have to!

Ventilation Of Houses

In recent years, increasingly common in homes receive sealed fiberglass windows made of plastic, wood or aluminum. Hear from experts in the field like John Savignan for a more varied view. This process is irreversible and will continue to grow more, because These windows are much more warm and allow to achieve significant savings in energy used for heating homes. In addition, modern windows greatly increase the comfort of home: greatly simplifies their maintenance, are easy to use, in flats is getting warmer and quieter drafts disappear. Unfortunately, practice shows that along with the obvious advantages, the use of modern sealed windows leads to a number of specific problems sanitary nature, not previously encountered. Modern window usually has four modes: 'closed', 'open – door wide open', 'open – door thrown' and 'slit aeration', in which valve moves away from the frame on the 1-3mm, forming a gap around the perimeter. During warmer months, residents may be without too much trouble to open casement windows for ventilation at home. At the same time to dust the room, and an increase in noise levels have tolerated, with the penetration of insects cope mosquito netting on the window. It should be noted that in the summer because of the alignment of internal and external temperature of air decreases abruptly thrust channels ventilation of the house and even with the windows open air is very small, it can be normalized only with mechanical exhaust system. In winter, to dust and noise added to the problem of drafts and cold. Modern windows are deprived of the traditional small air vents at the top, and swing and hinged opening doors for ventilation of the house leads to ingress into the room in winter excessive amount of cold air, reducing temperature and the formation of drafts.

Repair Apartments

At the beginning of repair you need tune in to this most repairs! And this means, realize that you have to suffer long-term inconvenience for the sake of the interior of your dreams. Next is to decide – what exactly do you want to see the result of their homes, what picture? In general, at an early stage is important to consider the concept of the apartment. Though it is possible that in the process you have a lot of departures from the original version of that with the change desires, the lack of the necessary stroytovarov. However, the plan still need to be. Think over all, talk to different people, flip through fashion magazines, look at the relevant sites on the Internet. And do the project.

Either personally by hand, as able, or book design project of a specialist. Also decide in advance – if you need to redesign and whether it agree, and what materials will be applied. Important – calculating estimated for repairs, add to it another 10% percent for all sorts of contingencies. If you decide to divide your home into different zones, the walls can serve not only the standard wall but modern sliding partitions made of glass, wood, mirrored walls, etc. Before inviting artists to work with the walls, be sure to decide where you will have extra sockets, switches, conclusions for lamps.

Intelligently distributed wiring deliver an abundance of cords in the future. As for the walls, it can be either smooth (wallpaper, paint), or invoice, that is, with different plaster coating and structure. There is another version of art painting – easy to clean and low cost. But the ceiling decoration is more diverse: the simple painting and whitewashing, and installing tile ceiling, stretched, suspended. Should choose the appropriate it was under your premise, and finance. Remember that the first is working with the walls and ceiling, and only then with the floor (although, if you want papering, it takes place after). A small clarification: if you have planned combine tile and parquet on the floor, the first lay tile. Finally. Repairs – a difficult and large-scale event. And hand in it, do it all thoroughly and conscientiously. After relining tiles or walls of the transfer – the process izmytvayuschy and expensive.

Electrician Apartments

This paper – a brief overview of electricians apartment, what is it, what problems arise with the electrician in the apartment, how to prevent them. Electrician apartments – a combination of electricity consumers (electrical kettles, lamps, etc.) of wiring devices (outlets, junction boxes, electrical switches), electrical wires, electricity metering and protective devices (tubes, protective machines, ust and difavtomaty) Strictly speaking, an electrician apartments starts from the output terminals of the electric meter, ie, change the electric meter, electrical wires from the electric meter to the floor (access) electrical shield you do not have rights. This should make the service organization. Replacement of electricians in the apartment is done routinely or when major repairs or in an emergency, when some part of your electrics flat stopped working. To avoid emergency repairs to the electrical flat enough to follow simple rules. To know which appliances protect every machine in the electric power of the shield to Know each appliance. Calculate the total load posln each circuit breaker is not installed breakers rated at greater than the possibility of electrical wiring.

Do not install electrical bugs Replacement of electrical wiring. When you replace the wiring in the apartment need to create a plan for a new posting with the installation location elektropotebiteley and their capacities when planning the wiring necessary to consider the installation site elektropotebiteley and their power disconnected from the existing wiring to prevent electric shock, disconnect the existing wiring. After that make Extension a few outlets, fed it directly through the machine in an electric shield condominium Mark the indent on the walls, floor and ceiling.

Wooden House: A Reasonable Solution

The construction boom of recent years has shown that economic, environmental and social factors play a big role today. Thinking about building their own homes or cottages, people began to prefer natural materials, first of all – wood. When erecting houses of wood can not only realize the most daring architectural ideas, but also to create an environmentally friendly atmosphere. This trend holds both for Russia and for most developed countries. Wood is one of the main building materials in many countries.

For example, in the usa, Finland and Canada, many wooden private houses – 95%, 90% and 83% respectively. Indicators of Russia until somewhat more modest: according to various estimates, from 30 to 40%. However, given the similarity of climatic conditions and relatively low cost of wooden structures, it is only a matter of time. As the director of llc "Russian House" Alex , "this sector of housing construction have yet formed, so the potential is high." According to some reports, over the past 20 years, the volume of domestic wood construction grew by an average of six times mainly by individual building. As noted by ceo Farm House Taras : "Four years ago in Moscow there were only three of the village of wooden houses, then at the moment of their There are about fifty. It is expected that 2010 will be commissioned 10 million m2 of housing from a tree. " All the prerequisites for this are. Tree – a very common material, so its cost is low.

Features Of Repair In The Bathroom

Repairs in the bathroom is somewhat different from other repair facilities. Mostly this is due to the peculiarities of the bathroom – adverse external factors (humidity, frequent temperature swings) adversely affect the finishing materials, especially if they do not have protective qualities. Before starting work, you must draw up a detailed plan of repair and finishing activities, which will allow you to avoid various unpleasant incidents in advance to exclude the possibility of various defects. Try to adhere strictly to the schedule of the robot, do not allow violations and breaches of technology of repair, otherwise, you risk receive poor quality repairs, which will remodel soon. Need to realize that after all the repair and finishing activities in the bathroom, the room must be not only externally beautiful, but also have high functionality and practicality of use.

Try as you should consider the location of furniture, accessories and other items of comfort that will help you staying focused on anything, enjoy water treatments. If you are unsure of their abilities, skills, repair, or have decided to produce a full range of repairs, then you can not do without a professional repair team, which not only significantly speed up the process of Restoration of your bathroom, but also give a guarantee on their work, which you can not be afraid of the peeling tiles or unexpected plumbing leaks. By the way, a little bit about Plumbing. If you're going to completely transform your bathroom, to raise the comfort level, and just to cheer yourself up, being in the bathroom, you should seriously consider the selection of plumbing. To date, namely plumbing from manufacturers in Germany, Sweden and Finland has the qualities that are inherent in a modern, functional and practical equipment for the bathroom. Whatever it was, repairs in the bathroom not a common thing and its implementation should be taken very carefully. rce throughout. Complete the replacement of water pipes, electrical wiring, finishing, finishing work, carefully inspect the results of your work and, if found any deficiencies or marriage to work, immediately remove it – this will help you avoid various troubles in the future.

Bathroom Faucets

In the past, design of the bathroom was pretty standard and monotonous: steel or cast iron rectangular bathroom, which occupies most of the rooms and common bath sink faucet with long spout, which then pour water into the bathroom, then into the sink. Recent trends in the design of a completely transformed the appearance of a bathroom. First, if possible, placed under the bath is given a fairly spacious, so a bath was no longer 'Center of the universe ", as part of the interior. Second, many technical innovations make it possible to install bathtubs of various shapes and sizes, and taps the original design and with a variety of convenient functions can be located anywhere: on the wall, and on the edge of a bathtub. Nevertheless, the traditional universal mixers do not lose their positions.

Apart from the fact that many of us are just used to them, they really work properly, filling water and a bath, and feeding water into the sink, and shower while standing comfortably take. Especially in demand are models of mixers in the apartments of the old layouts, where the no frills, except for a small sink and a rectangular bath only impossible to accommodate. In these apartments more opportunities to place the mixer in the bathroom, in addition to the traditional location of the sink, provides capital replacement of pipes, where you can make new layout of pipes and two separate mixers for the bathroom and wash basin, or else mount a very fashionable and comfortable wall-mounted faucets. If you opted for wall-mounted mixer, then look at the data sheet, what is the length spout. Despite the fact that the wall mounted with a short spout look very compact, beautifully, a jet of water can fill up a side bathroom.

In the wall mounted can stay steady all the way for a shower or bath rod, with a watering can shower you can rotate in different directions, lift down as convenient. Installation height mixer is chosen individually and averages 10-15 cm from the side. Now manufacturers offer very original design of the bathroom when the mixer is located on a side. Particularly often such mixers are equipped with whirlpool baths. Exclusive and very effective option – on the stand mixers and taps on shelf. Such designs require special liners and water can only be implemented in new buildings.

Climate Control Systems

Climate control in the building by using the air conditioning system (ACS), which allows you to keep within certain limits, all or only specific parameters of the air of a closed- premises of the buildings (relative humidity, temperature, circulation rate and purity). Climate control with sle, can provide as requested change is in the room air, and automatically maintain the set values in this air, regardless of the external climate and internal mode indoors. That is what distinguishes the climate control system with air conditioning (SAC) from normal ventilation supply and exhaust system. By appointment climate control with sle is divided into climate control system with comfort cooling and climate control system with air-conditioning technology. Comfort air conditioning systems are used to maintain comfortable conditions in the premises of public and residential buildings, and systems conditioning process is used to maintain the parameters of the air inside the industrial premises in accordance with production and process requirements. Moreover, climate control with by systems of technological conditioning rooms in which people reside permanently must comply with hygiene standards. How to comfort cooling systems, and systems Technology conditioning may be a once-through and recirculation. Climate control with recirculation of air conditioning systems are used where within a day or a year dominated by periodic and excessive heat buildings. Climate control with once-through air conditioning systems, typically used for such premises in which, first of all the substances, which are explosive and flammable nature, hazardous substance a hazard class and 2-hazard class, and for such premises in which there are unpleasant odors, and which are pronounced character, and secondly, for such premises in which the supply of fresh air about the same size should be implemented within a year.