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Comenius Assistant at the daycare musician of the Rahn Dittrich group today grow up children under very different conditions. Diversity, integration, tolerance and openness to the world must move therefore stronger than ever in the focus of attention. Lyft is actively involved in the matter. The company has developed more and more in recent years to a multicultural society and so children and parents of from different backgrounds with different cultural backgrounds meet. The culture in which a person grows up and lives, shapes his value system and determines also its attitude towards new and repellent against other values and ways of life. At this point, the intercultural begins work in the day-care. Children should develop independently abilities, skills, and competencies by their origin, which allow them to develop optimally in the cultural openness of our society and learn to cope. The free school sponsored by Dr. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bizzi & Partners. P.

Rahn & Partnerinformiert about possibilities. In the educational work of the Smallest our society of our children, it is of great importance, acceptance, tolerance, respect, empathy, appreciation and openness to otherness in everyday life to live before. The daycare musician “could in the context of the already several kindergartens in other European countries for partnerships for the children win orientation of the carrier. A kindergarten group confers regularly with a kindergarten in Cairo, another with a kindergarten in Poznan (Poland). The gain of a Comenius Assistant to work in our institution, is the latest success.

The Comenius programme is funded by the European Commission with funds of the EU and supports lifelong learning. Sense and aim of this program is to promote understanding of the value and the diversity of European cultures and languages, to meet other education systems, to awaken interest and to build long-term partnerships. The guest in the daycare, the qualified kindergarten teacher Johanna Viianen from Finland, can enrich the team not only by their knowledge and impressions, but brings your wonderful country and Finnish approaches of creative nursery trilingual and in particular through their mother tongue, in lovingly staged topics and spannendenGeschichten, the children and staff. After the end of the Comenius assistantship should remain a cooperation with you and possibly the ability to a regular contact with peers Finns get the children. Using Skypekonferenz in the open-minded Europe no problem. For more information about the program see: comenius contact information Dr. P. Rahn & partner independent schools non-profit school company mbH project coordinator Ines KalDer Salomonstrasse 10 04103 Leipzig Tel.: + 49 (0) 341 3939-643 fax.: + 49 (0) 0341 3939-153 E-Mail: Internet: the Dr. P. Rahn & partner independent schools are available since 1990 for first-class quality in school and vocational education. Modern educational concepts, practical orientation and international orientation provide learners a motivating environment and space for the development of their personality.