Real Estate Rates

Beginning next year, to tender for valuation of lands of settlements will be restricted to private appraisal companies. Currently, such activities are eligible to participate, only four state-owned unitary enterprise. However, the Office of Property Valuations – Rosnedvizhimost, insisted that the competition is allowed for private companies. True, to participate in the evaluation of land they can only subcontracting. In Moscow will demolish dilapidated brick five-story building with wooden beams. Such plans of the city authorities said the chief architect of Moscow. The building will not be torn down only if its historical value – if it is an architectural monument or a cultural value. Comprehensive or selective repair of the building as possible, but only if it is a normal good houses, said Chief Architect capital.

Development or Education? Hitreyut investment. The secondary market in Moscow is rapidly transferred to the calculations in rubles – that information shared with us one of the experts in real estate. According to him, the number of ads, in which the price named in rubles, already reaching 25-30%. However, much more seriously the so-called hidden de-dollarization, where the seller in the negotiations said that he wanted to get a specified amount of currency at the rate of 25.5 or Even 26 rubles per dollar. The expert also notes that in Russia today, the dollar payments made in only two regions: Moscow and St. Petersburg, and then only on the secondary market. Throughout the country, the apartment sold exclusively for rubles. And the sellers of the Moscow new buildings of the U.S. currency declined three years ago.