Protecting Our Environment From The Office Environment

Today, the greenhouse effect and global warming problems have become a global impact, due to misuse that man has made of natural resources. Gavin Baker is full of insight into the issues. In this sense, companies have devoted part of its efforts to implement environmental policies and activities that influence the preservation of the nature of the surrounding communities. Below are several ideas to minimize pollutants in the workplace: 1 .- Turn off electronics when not in use. For example: computers, microwaves, air conditioners, photocopiers, printers, etc … Learn more at this site: Bizzi & Partners. 2 .- Turn off lights when you are away from the office. Using light saving bulbs, they are more expensive than normal, but last up to 8 times longer and consume a fifth of energy to give the same amount of light that a normal bulb.

3 .- Try to use rechargeable batteries or plug in appliances to the mains. If it is inevitable the use of disposable batteries, they should not be revolts in the trash. Instead, separate and place them in a separate container, as they contain chemicals that are toxic. 4 .- Use water rationally. Use hot water only if necessary.

Installing a filter or jug of water to save the bottle. Do not leave keys open to avoid waste, fix leaks, repair any leaks immediately and if possible to reinvest the water for other activities. 5 .- Manage less and use public transport. Another good option is to walk or use other means of transportation that do not pollute. If it is necessary to leave in the car to go to work, share it with colleagues or neighbors.