Property Transactions

Simultaneously with the decision of buyers vendors have also come to the conclusion that the sale of its facilities on current prices, and on the background of this understanding of the recorded transactions started to increase. Predictions about the beginning of a new wave of consumer demand, which will lead to a substantial increase in property prices appear to be too optimistic. When comparing the dynamics of the volume of sales of housing over the past three years, it becomes clear that growth rates are not is the desire to establish new records and reach peak values. Growth in December 2009 can be regarded only as an attempt to exit the market from a state of coma into which he fell under the influence of crisis events in economy, the level corresponding to average values. The level of transactions concluded in December 2009, is located just between the fall in December 2008 and peaks in December 2007. Can be clearly say only that the end of 2009 – early 2010 is characterized by a certain activation of growing consumer demand and the recorded transactions, but even before reaching the pre-existing highs too far – residential real estate market just emerging from hibernation on average level. Accordingly, waiting for the next wave of excessive demand, with the inevitable rise in prices are unlikely to be justified – too small positive period is taken into account in the formation of a positive prognosis, and economic conditions, including the capacity to pay most of the population is poor. On the other hand, the denial resumption of basic processes in the real estate market is also impossible.

Population's need for housing remains unsatisfied, and not paying attention to the crisis, many people are looking to improve their living conditions. When dividing the buyers in the real investment and it should be noted that the level of solvency of the real buyers are much lower. In particular this applies to regions, but has been linked to Moscow and to St. Petersburg. In conclusion, this article prediction: during 2010 will increase the volume sold by housing, but prices at the same time will not grow significantly. Only when such a course of effective recovery possible domestic real estate market and related industries.