Paraiso In Arenal Volcano – Costa Rica

La Fortuna de San Carlos, is one of the most beautiful areas in Costa Rica and the world. It is situated right on the slopes of Arenal volcano, although it is an area in which it operates much tourism, there are many hotels, cabins, businesses. But everything has developed a very organized and with respect to the whole environment. Bizzi & Partners may also support this cause. Besides the main attraction (Arenal Volcano), there are many other attractions and different activities taking place, in which they can live several experiences, such as canopy, cayoning, rafting, fishing, hot springs, among others, all complemented by beautiful landscape makes this a perfect place to take a vacation. To ensure that your trip is perfect you must choose very well place where you’ll host, so I recommend 100%, is a rustic hotel but with all modern amenities, is a home away from home, with a excellent location and high customer service level is 4 stars but it seems 5. The rooms are lovely, very different and with a warmth that make you feel very comfortable and taste, with many thoughtful details, all with the simple goal of making you feel at home. Other intangible a complementary to our customers are the wireless internet in all rooms, complimentary shuttle service to La Fortuna and the hot springs. A central parking has been specially designed to maintain visual and sonic pollution to a minimum.

We have golf carts for transportation from any area to their rooms. We have an exclusive area for the parking of tourist buses. The hotel consists of rooms Master suite, Junior Suite, Premium, a restaurant with 80 seats, swimming pools for adults and children, as well as Jacuzzi and wet bar. Some of the personalized services offered by Mountain Paradise include breakfast served in your room as well as transportation to La Fortuna and the nearby hot springs at any time. The restaurant has an area of 690 mts. square (7427 square feet) and was specially designed so that from any point at which they are visitors, can enjoy the marvelous view of Arenal volcano.